Quick & Easy iPhone Programming

Bintu Harwani and Amos Bannister
  • ISBN 9781935182931
  • 325 pages
  • printed in black & white
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Even if you've never written a program for a mobile device, you can learn to build iPhone apps quickly and easily! Quick & Easy iPhone Programming is a no-nonsense book for beginners who want to get started with iPhone programming without getting lost in the inner workings of the iPhone SDK or the Objective-C language. Your skills and confidence will increase as you move from your first "Hello World" app to programs that include the fun and friendly features that iPhone users love.

about the book

Since iPhone SDK programming uses Objective C, you'll start with a quick overview of the language in the first chapter. Instead of doing everything by code, though, the book takes full advantage of the GUI Interface Builder for making applications quickly with a minimum of coding. Fully up-to-date for iPhone SDK 3, the book explains each user interface component step-by-step, and shows you how each one works in a running app.

what's inside

  • Sample code you can cut, paste, and run
  • Quick introduction to Objective-C
  • Examples using all iPhone SDK 3 controls
  • Easier coding using XCode and Interface Builder

about the reader

To get the most out of this book, readers should have used another programming language, but no experience with the iPhone SDK or Objective C is required. Each of the many examples is fully illustrated with easy, hands-on instructions and complete, annotated code listings.

about the author

Bintu Harwani is the founder of Microchip Computer Education, where he teaches and uses Mac OS X and iPhone SDK. He has written numerous books and articles on Java, .NET, web development, and mobile technologies.

Amos Bannister is a freelance software developer with over a decade of experience in many areas including Microsoft SQL Server, web development and Objective C.

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