Pulumi in Action

Christian Nunciato
  • ISBN 9781617298066
  • 300 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white
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Pulumi is a multi-language cloud development platform that makes building infrastructure as easy as writing code. Pulumi in Action is a hands-on guide to seamlessly managing your cloud resources with Pulumi and the development stack you use every day. As you work through the book's hands-on projects, you'll stop thinking of your infrastructure as a set of files and command-line instructions and make the leap to building infrastructure as software.

about the technology

Pulumi supercharges your productivity by letting you create infrastructure with almost any modern programming language. With this awesome tool, there’s no need to struggle with JSON or complex configuration syntax. Your team takes full advantage of the familiarity, features, and ecosystems of TypeScript, Python, Go, or .NET, and Pulumi converts that code into running cloud software. This amazing flexibility cuts across silos and empowers your whole team to work in the cloud, whether they're junior devs or experienced cloud engineers. If you're a full-stack developer, you'll find Pulumi makes it easy to dive into cloud deployment and create software projects using a full range of cloud features. If you're experienced with cloud dev, you’ll learn how to compose higher-level abstractions with the best tools, and easily distribute your work to members of your team and community.

about the book

Pulumi in Action will show you how to program cloud infrastructure as easily as you write web applications. You’ll learn how to use Pulumi to create and manage cloud software projects and develop components into reusable libraries you can share across multiple projects. You'll start simply by building a static website, deploying it on AWS and distributing it globally. Progress is fast, and you'll soon be working on more advanced projects, including using Pulumi with Docker to deploy a container-based web application, and combining Pulumi with GitHub Actions for a Git-based continuous delivery pipeline. When you're done, you'll enjoy the huge productivity boost of cloud deployment without needing to master any new toolchains or frameworks.

what's inside

  • Design and develop cloud-native web applications
  • Build serverless web applications
  • Compose multiple cloud resources
  • Automate deployment using GitOps
  • Package and distribute your cloud-software projects

about the reader

For full-stack web developers. Examples are in TypeScript and Node.js.

about the author

Christian Nunciato is a full-stack developer and staff software engineer at Pulumi. Previously, he was a principal engineer at Chef, where he helped build Chef's open-source application automation platform Habitat.

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