JMX in Action

Benjamin G. Sullins and Mark B. Whipple
  • September 2002
  • ISBN 9781930110564
  • 424 pages
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Written for both new and experienced developers, JMX in Action explains the JMX specification and discusses its use through clean, well-discussed examples. It covers the JMX architecture and how to create all types of MBeans. It includes important advanced topics such as extending the JMX classes, combining with other Java technologies, the MBean relation service, dynamic MBean loading, and creating your own protocol adapters.

about the technology

With Java Management Extensions (JMX), you can configure, manage and monitor your Java applications at run-time, as well as break your applications into components that can be swapped out. JMX provides a window into an application's state and its behavior, and a protocol-independent way of altering both state and behavior. It lets you expose portions of your application in just a few lines of code.

what's inside

  • Manage and monitor your Java applications
  • Combine JMX with J2EE technologies (EJB and JMS)
  • Make use of Sun's RMI adapter
  • Create protocol adapters for TCP and Jini
  • Extend JMX to make it more powerful
  • Best practices for the use of MBeans

about the reader

Written for both new and experienced developers.

about the authors

Ben Sullins is a senior Java developer with both server- and client-side experience. He has extensive JMX experience. Ben lives in the Denver area.

A fifteen-year veteran, Mark Whipple has focused on networked applications, including monitoring applications with SNMP and JMX. He holds multiple software patents and has been a member of several standards bodies, including the IETF. He lives in Dallas, TX.

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