Jaguar Development with PowerBuilder 7
Michael Barlotta
  • August 1999
  • ISBN 1884777864
  • 0 pages
  • printed in black & white
This title is out of print and no longer for sale.

Jaguar Development with PowerBuilder 7 is the definitive guide to distributed application development with PowerBuilder. It is the only book dedicated to preparing PowerBuilder developers for Jaguar applications and has been approved by Sybase engineers and product specialists who build the tools described in the book.

Jaguar Development with PowerBuilder 7 focuses on getting you up to speed on Jaguar and PowerBuilder, and it is packed with code samples to guide you every step of the way. It covers each step involved in application development, from setting up the development environment to deploying a production application.

Even a PowerBuilder developer with no experience in distributed technologies or Jaguar CTS will learn what it takes to build an application. Jaguar Development with PowerBuilder 7 covers:

  • Developing Component-centric Applications
  • Building Jaguar CTS Components/Clients
  • Adaptive SQL Anywhere
  • Adaptive Server Enterprise

and lots more!

About the author

Michael Barlotta, Director of Information Technologies at AEGIS Consulting, LLC, is a Certified PowerBuilder developer (Associate) who has used PowerBuilder to build both client/server and distributed applications over the last 6 years. He was a beta-tester for EAStudio 3, including Jaguar 3 and PowerBuilder 7. He is also the Distributed Technologies Editor for the PowerBuilder Developer's Journal and is the author of Distributed Application Development with PowerBuilder 6.