HTML5 in Action
Rob Crowther, Joe Lennon, Ash Blue, and Greg Wanish
  • February 2014
  • ISBN 9781617290497
  • 466 pages
  • printed in color

Learn how to use HTML5 now, using secure and intelligent solutions.

From the Foreword by Christian Heilmann, Mozilla

HTML5 in Action provides a complete introduction to web development using HTML5. You'll explore every aspect of the HTML5 specification through real-world examples and code samples. It's much more than just a specification reference, though. It lives up to the name HTML5 in Action by giving you the practical, hands-on guidance you'll need to use key features.

About the Technology

HTML5 is not a few new tags and features added to an old standard--it's the foundation of the modern web, enabling its interactive services, single-page UI, interactive games, and complex business applications. With support for standards-driven mobile app development, powerful features like local storage and WebSockets, superb audio and video APIs, and new layout options using CSS3, SVG, and Canvas, HTML5 has entered its prime time.

About the book

HTML5 in Action provides a complete introduction to web development using HTML5. It explores the HTML5 specification through real-world examples and code samples. It earns the name "in Action" by giving you the practical, hands-on guidance you'll need to confidently build the sites and applications you--and your clients--have been wanting for years.

Table of Contents detailed table of contents


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Part 1 Introduction

1. Chapter 1 HTML5: from documents to applications

1.1. Exploring the markup: a whirlwind tour of HTML5

1.2. Beyond the markup: additional web standards

1.3. The HTML5 DOM APIs

1.4. Additional APIs and specifications

1.5. Summary

Part 2 Browser-based apps

2. Chapter 2 Form creation: input widgets, data binding,

and data validation === Previewing the form and gathering prerequisites === Building a form’s user interface === Calculating totals and displaying form output === Checking form input data with the Constraint Validation API === Providing fallbacks for unsupported browsers === Summary

3. Chapter 3 File editing and management: rich formatting, file storage,

drag and drop === The Super HTML5 Editor: application overview, prerequisites, and first steps === Rich-text editing and geolocation === Managing files locally: the File System, Quota Management, File, and File Writer APIs === Adding drag-and-drop interactivity === Summary

4. Chapter 4 Messaging: communicating to and from scripts

in HTML5 === Server-sent events (SSE) === Using WebSockets to build a real-time messaging web app === Messaging on the client side === Summary

5. Chapter 5 Mobile applications: client storage and offline execution

5.1. My Tasks: application overview, prerequisites,

and first steps === Managing data with the Web Storage API === Managing data using IndexedDB === Creating a web application that works offline: using the application cache manifest === Summary

Part 3 Interactive graphics, media, and gaming…​

6. Chapter 6 2D Canvas: low-level, 2D graphics rendering

6.1. Canvas basics

6.2. Creating a Canvas game

6.3. Breathing life into Canvas elements

6.4. Polishing Canvas games

6.5. Summary

7. Chapter 7 SVG: responsive in-browser graphics

7.1. How bitmap and vector graphics compare

7.2. Starting SVG Aliens with XML

7.3. Adding JavaScript for interactivity

7.4. Summary

8. Chapter 8 Video and audio: playing media in the browser

8.1. Playing video with HTML5

8.2. Controlling videos with the HTMLMediaElement interface

8.3. Specifying multiple formats with the element

8.4. Combining user input with video to build a telestrator

8.5. Summary

9. Chapter 9 WebGL: 3D application development

9.1. Building a WebGL engine

9.2. Communicating with a graphics card

9.3. Putting it all together: creating Geometry Destroyer

9.4. Summary

== === appendix A HTML5 and related specifications === appendix B HTML5 API reference === appendix C Installing PHP and MySQL === appendix D Computer networking primer === appendix E Setting up Node.js === appendix F Channel messaging === appendix G Tools and libraries === appendix H Encoding with FFmpeg === appendix I HTML next === appendix J Links and references ===                 index

© 2014 Manning Publications Co.

What's inside

  • New semantic elements and form input types
  • Single-page application design
  • Creating interactive graphics
  • Mobile web apps

About the reader

This book concentrates on new HTML5 features and assumes you are familiar with standard HTML.

About the authors

Rob Crowther is a web developer and blogger and the author of Manning's Hello! HTML5 & CSS3. Joe Lennon is an enterprise mobile application developer. Ash Blue builds award-winning interactive projects. Greg Wanish is an independent web and eCommerce developer.

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