Go in Action

Evan D. Shaw
  • ISBN 9781617290787
  • 375 pages
  • printed in black & white
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about the technology

Go is a new programming language focused on speed, safety, and simplicity. It blends a C-like syntax-including curly braces-with automatic garbage collection and new features designed specifically for concurrency. Go comes with numerous high-quality libraries, and its compile speed is blazingly fast, even on lightweight hardware. Go is primarily sponsored by Google, but it's used at companies like Canonical and Heroku.

about the book

Go in Action teaches you the full Go language, from the basics to the advanced. The first few chapters get the basics out of the way, with example-driven explanations and comparisons to other languages. The middle chapters cover features unique to Go, such as interfaces and concurrency. Then the book gets into network programming and web applications, one of Go's strengths. The final chapters detail advanced features like reflection and interoperation with C.

As you read, you'll find complete programs and diagrams to help you digest new and challenging ideas. By the end of the book, the reader will have a complete knowledge of the Go programming language as well as familiarity with some of the more commonly-used standard libraries.

what's inside

  • Covers Go 1, the first stable version
  • Practical examples, not just language theory
  • The author uses Go daily in realistic and interesting examples

about the reader

This book has the experienced programmer in mind, but is also accessible to motivated novices.

about the author

Evan Shaw works at Iron.io where he writes web services in Go. He is a contributor to the Go language libraries and tools.

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