Enterprise Search in Action

Example implementation in Lucene and Solr
Marc Teutelink
  • ISBN 9781617290107
  • 375 pages
  • printed in black & white
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In the enterprise, "search" is about a lot more than just matching words in a sea of text. It's the foundation for intelligent applications that classify and cluster information; parse, transform, and augment content, and exchange data with both human users and software systems. And the enterprise search architect needs to master many cutting-edge technologies, including search frameworks, ESBs and integration patterns, automated document manipulation tools, and more. The payoff? The more control you have over your data, the more nimble, responsive, and intelligent you-and your applications-become.

about the book

Enterprise Search in Action is an in-depth guide for developers and architects that explores enterprise search from many unique angles. It begins with the architecture of a typical enterprise search solution and then dives deep into the nitty-gritty details of real-world enterprise search use cases. As you read, you'll pick up valuable technical details about Lucene and Solr, Tika, Mule, Nutch, OpenRDF, and other core technologies. More importantly, you'll see how each plays its part in creating a complete enterprise search solution.

This book is filled with examples of existing implementations, along with the guidance you'll need to use ideas and code in your own architecture and implementations.

what's inside

  • Learn all about enterprise search
  • How to get started with the core search frameworks Lucene and Solr
  • How to orchestrate flows using the Mule ESB
  • Analyzing and enriching content with Apache Tika and other tools
  • Using the OpenRDF semantic repository
  • Quickly storing and retrieving content using XML

about the reader

The examples in this book are Java based and use open source technologies. No prior experience with enterprise search is required.

about the author

Marc Teutelink is an experienced IT Architect who specializes in enterprise search, application integration, and semantic web technology. He's based in the Netherlands, where he designs enterprise search and recommendation solutions for business and government.

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