Master exciting new tools for building applications for the web, desktop and mobile, or even the Blockchain.

Getting Started with Ethereum Dapps

Getting Started with Flutter

Getting Started with iOS Development

Get to grips with building your first apps for the Blockchain, from basic smart contracts to a complete decentralized exchange. This bundle is a complete toolbox for Blockchain development.


  • Building Ethereum Dapps
  • Ethereum DApps in Motion

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Flutter is your ticket to fast, secure and scalable cross-platform mobile apps. This bundle takes you hands on with the game-changing SDK, showing how it’s easier than ever to build high-performance apps for iOS and Android.


  • Flutter in Action
  • Flutter in Motion

Only $89.98 $39.99

One billion iPhone users are waiting for your app! Unlock Swift’s modern language features and powerful Xcode development with this book and video bundle, and build your toolbox of essential mobile development skills with Swift.


  • iOS Development with Swift
  • iOS Development with Swift in Motion

Only $79.98 $39.99

Hands-on with React

Mastering Angular

Java and Kotlin Hands-on

The React framework has reinvented the way we create web UI. Start building smooth and seamless React web apps with complete coverage from this book and video bundle.


  • React in Action
  • React in Motion

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A library-in-a-box for complete Angular coverage. This bundle is packed with everything you need to build and deploy production-ready Angular applications.


  • Angular in Action
  • Testing Angular Applications
  • Angular Development with Typescript, Second Edition
  • Getting MEAN with Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node, Second Edition

Only $151.96 $59.99

Upgrade your code with the very latest version of Java, and hot new JVM language Kotlin. Packed with the latest features of both Java 9 and ways of transitioning to using Kotlin code, this bundle is essential for anyone serious about developing with Java.


  • Kotlin in Action
  • The Joy of Kotlin
  • Modern Java in Action

Only $119.97 $49.99