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Building Fast Web Pages
Jeremy L. Wagner
Foreword by Ethan Marcotte
  • December 2016
  • ISBN 9781617293771
  • 376 pages
  • printed in black & white
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An invaluable, accessible reference for the modern web developer.

From the Foreword by Ethan Marcotte, author of Responsive Web Design
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Web Performance in Action is your companion guide to making websites faster. You'll learn techniques that speed the delivery of your site's assets to the user, increase rendering speed, decrease the overall footprint of your site, as well as how to build a workflow that automates common optimization techniques.

about the technology

Nifty features, hip design, and clever marketing are great, but your website will flop if visitors think it's slow. Network conditions can be unpredictable, and with today's sites being bigger than ever, you need to set yourself apart from the competition by focusing on speed. Achieving a high level of performance is a combination of front-end architecture choices, best practices, and some clever sleight-of-hand. This book will demystify all these topics for you.

about the book

Web Performance in Action is your guide to making fast websites. Packed with "Aha!" moments and critical details, this book teaches you how to create performant websites the right way. You'll master optimal rendering techniques, tips for decreasing your site's footprint, and technologies like HTTP/2 that take your website's speed from merely adequate to seriously fast. Along the way, you'll learn how to create an automated workflow to accomplish common optimization tasks and speed up development in the process.

what's inside

  • Foolproof performance-boosting techniques
  • Optimizing images and fonts
  • HTTP/2 and how it affects your optimization workflow

about the reader

This book assumes that you're familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Many examples make use of Git and Node.js.

about the author

Jeremy Wagner is a professional front-end web developer with over ten years of experience.

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An excellent and practical guide through the forest of web performance issues.

Alexey Galiullin, Global Orange

By far the most valuable book I have read on web performance. A true time-saver for you and your users.

Kevin Liao, Sotheby's

A thorough compendium of tools and techniques for improving web performance.

Noreen Dertinger, Dertinger Informatics