Selenium WebDriver in Practice

Yujun Liang and Alex Collins
  • ISBN 9781633430143
  • 350 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white
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Selenium WebDriver in Practice is a hands-on guide to dozens of specific techniques you can use to get the most of WebDriver in your test automation development. Following a cookbook-style Problem/Solution/Discussion format, this practical handbook gives you instantly-useful solutions for important areas like interacting with and testing web applications and using the WebDriver APIs. As you read, you'll graduate from WebDriver fundamentals to must-have practices ranging from how to interact with, control and verify web pages and exception handling, to more complex interactions like page objects, alerts, and JavaScript, as well as integrating with Continuous Integration tools, mobile testing, and much more. By the end of the book, you’ll be confident and skilled at testing your web applications with WebDriver.

about the technology

Web applications are difficult to test because so much depends on the way a user interacts with individual pages. The Selenium WebDriver web testing framework helps you build reliable and maintainable test automation for your web applications across multiple browsers, operating systems and programming languages. Much like a human, it can click on links, fill out forms, and read the web pages, and unlike a human, it does not get bored. WebDriver can do nearly anything you ask it to—the trick is to come up with a unified approach to testing. Fortunately, that’s where this book really shines.

what's inside

  • Specific, practical WebDriver techniques
  • Interacting with, controlling, and testing web applications
  • Using the WebDriver APIs
  • Making maintainable tests
  • Automated testing techniques

about the reader

This book assumes you’re comfortable reading code in Java or a similar language and that you know the basics of building and testing applications. No WebDriver experience is required.

about the authors

Yujun Liang is a Technical Agile Coach who teaches agile software development technologies including test automation using Selenium WebDriver. He used to work for ThoughtWorks and helped clients build automation testing for web applications with rich user interaction and complex business logic.

Alex Collins is a Technical Lead at Gamesys in the UK, a technology blogger, public speaker, and OSS contributor. Alex has been working with Selenium WebDriver since 2011.

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