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Rob Pacheco
  • Course duration: 2h 39m
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Navigate the unique challenges of building and rolling out Kubernetes-optimized applications.

In Surviving Kubernetes Deployments as an Application Developer you will learn how to:

  • Develop an application to run successfully within a Kubernetes environment
  • Interact with a central ingress point
  • Handle configuration external to the application services
  • Safely use secrets
  • Apply authentication and authorization in a containerized setting
  • Implement meaningful health checks and probes to ensure a service’s stability and reliability
  • Understand the benefits and constraints of Kubernetes

Surviving Kubernetes Deployments as an Application Developer is a hands-on crash course to everything you need to know about Kubernetes. In it, you’ll learn how to build web applications that work well with Kubernetes and container platforms like Docker.

about the subject

Web applications deployed on Kubernetes have unique requirements for modularization, scaling, communication, and security. This liveVideo course teaches you how to design and build web services to run on a Kubernetes cluster.

about the video

Surviving Kubernetes Deployments as an Application Developer is a hands-on liveVideo course that guides you through web development techniques for Kubernetes-based applications. It’s full of practical best practices that will ensure your web apps are optimized for containerization. As you go, you’ll learn the essential concepts of Kubernetes you need to survive in a container-first world.

You’ll dive into Kubernetes configuration and secrets management, and collect must-know techniques for Kubernetes resource usage, central application ingress, application storage, and application authentication. You’ll even dip into logging and metrics tracking from a unique application perspective. When you’re done, you’ll be well-prepared to both guide legacy applications or brand new software through a transition to Kubernetes-based deployment.


For web developers with a basic knowledge of Docker and C#.

about the instructor

Rob Pacheco is the Chief Architect at Vision Government Solutions. Prior to Vision, Rob spent some time at Black Duck Software re-architecting, securing, and containerizing its products to run within containerized environments, including Kubernetes. Rob is also the author of the liveProject Creating and Managing Cloud Native Services in Kubernetes.
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