about this book
Chapter 1 Introducing the iPhone and iPad
A bit of history
All for one and one for all: the iPhone OS platform
Core hardware specifications
How the iPhone and iPad are unique
Understanding iPhone and iPad touch interaction
Chapter 2 Learning Objective-C and the iPhone OS SDK
Getting ready for the SDK
Introducing Objective-C
Introducing the iPhone OS
The iPhone OS’s methods
Chapter 3 Using Xcode
Introducing Xcode
Creating a first iPhone project in Xcode: Hello, World!
Creating a first iPad project in Xcode: Hello, World!
Creating a new class in Xcode
Other Xcode functionality
Chapter 4 Using Interface Builder
An introduction to Interface Builder
A first project in Interface Builder: pictures and the web
Building connections in Interface Builder
Other Interface Builder functionality
Chapter 5 Creating basic view controllers
The view controller family
The standard view controller
The table view controller
Chapter 6 Monitoring events and actions
An introduction to events
A touching example: the event reporter
Other event functionality
An introduction to actions
Adding a button to an application
Other action functionality
Introducing notifications
Chapter 7 Creating advanced view controllers
The tab bar view controller
The navigation controller
Using the flipside controller
The split view controller
Popover and modal view controllers
Chapter 8 Data: actions, preferences, and files
Accepting user actions
Maintaining user preferences
Opening files
Chapter 9 Data: advanced techniques
Using SQLite
Accessing the Address Book
An introduction to Core Data
Chapter 10 Positioning: accelerometers, location, and the compass
The accelerometers and orientation
The accelerometers and movement
The accelerometers and gestures
All about Core Location
Chapter 11 Media: images and the camera
An introduction to images
Drawing simple images with Core Graphics
Accessing photos
Collage: an image example
Chapter 12 Media: audio and recording
Playing audio from the iPod library
Recording audio
Playing sounds manually
Example: creating a simple audio recording/playback application
Recording, playing, and accessing video
Chapter 13 Graphics: Quartz, Core Animation, and OpenGL
An introduction to Quartz 2D
The Quartz context
Drawing paths
Setting the graphical state
Advanced drawing in Quartz
Drawing on a picture: an example
An introduction to Core Animation
An introduction to OpenGL
Chapter 14 The web: web views and internet protocols
The hierarchy of the internet
Low-level networking
Working with URLs
Using UIWebView
Parsing XML
POSTing to the web
Accessing the social web
Chapter 15 Peer-to-peer connections using Game Kit
Overview of Game Kit
Creating peer-to-peer applications using the peer picker
Example: creating a multiplayer table tennis game
Chapter 16 Push notification services
What are push notifications?
An overview of Apple’s push notification system
Preparing your application to use push notifications
Creating a push notification provider in PHP
Chapter 17 The Map Kit framework
Overview of Map Kit
Adding a map to an application
Reverse geocoding
Annotating the map
Chapter 18 In-app purchasing using Store Kit
Setting up a sandbox testing environment
Creating a simple store interface
Chapter 19 iPhone SDK enhancements
Custom keyboard accessories
Going forward: the iPhone 4.0 SDK

appendix A iPhone OS class reference
appendix B External sources and references
appendix C Publishing your SDK program
appendix D Updating current applications for the iPad