IntelliJ IDEA in Action

Duane K. Fields, Stephen Saunders, Eugene Belyaev

March 2006 | 450 pages | B&W
ISBN: 9781932394443

$44.95 Softbound print + PDF eBook
$35.99 eBook edition (PDF only)


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“The purpose of this most excellent book is to get you up and running quickly. Perhaps more importantly, this book shows you how to use IDEA's multitude of powerful software development tools to their fullest advantage!”
—John R. Vacca, Author and IT Consultant

“ an entertaining read with excellent examples. Even a seasoned IDEA user will find it helpful.”
—Sean Garagan, Technical Director, Versata, Inc.

If you work with IntelliJ IDEA™, you know its unique power and have already seen a jump in your productivity. But because IntelliJ IDEA is a rich system you, like many others, are probably using just a small subset of its features. You can overcome this syndrome and see your productivity take another leap forward - all you need is this book.

For new users, this book is a logically organized and clearly expressed introduction to a big subject. For veterans, it is also an invaluable guide to the expert techniques they need to know to draw a lot more power out of this incredible tool. You get a broad overview and deep understanding of the features in IntelliJ IDEA.

The book takes you through a sample project - from using the editor for entering and editing code, to building, running and debugging, and testing your application. The journey then continues into the far corners of the system. Along the way, the authors carefully explain IntelliJ IDEA?s features and show you fun tricks and productivity-enhancing techniques that are the result of their combined years of experience.

What's Inside


Duane K. Fields is a software developer and manager. He co-authored Manning's best-selling Web Development with JavaServer Pages. Stephen Saunders is a software engineer with experience in knowledge management, financial services, and data management. Eugene Belyaev is the cofounder, president, and chief technology officer of JetBrains, the company that created IDEA.