Flex on Java

Bernerd Allmon and Jeremy Anderson

October 2010 | 264 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1933988797

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Together, Flex and Java make a powerful web development platform—they blend the strengths of Java on the server with the richness of Flex on the frontend. Flex on Java is a unique book that teaches you how to work with Flex in concert with the full array of Java technologies: Spring, POJOs, JMS, and other standard tools. You also learn how to integrate Flex with server-side Java via BlazeDS remoting. Almost all the carefully annotated examples use free or open source software.


This book is written for Java developers—no prior Flex experience is assumed.


BJ Allmon is a software craftsman, a polyglot developer, and team coach for Pillar Technology Group, an agile business and technology consulting firm. Jeremy Anderson is a Java developer and agile consultant with a passion for Groovy, Grails, and... Flex.


“Chapter 5 is the bomb! To paraphrase a fellow reviewer, this chapter alone is easily worth the price of the book! The simplifications presented here utilizing Spring will easily save both Java and Flex developers a ton of time in development. The how to of Java/Flex messaging implementation leaves chapter 6 not far behind.”
John Griffon

“A beautifully written book that is a must have for every Java Developer.”
Ashish Kulkarni, Technical Director, E-Business Software Solutions Ltd.