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ManifoldCF in Action

Karl D. Wright

MEAP Began: February 2011
400 pages
ISBN: 9781617290190

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Table of Contents, MEAP Chapters & Resources

Table of Contents         Resources 
Part 1 Introducing ManifoldCF
  1 Meet ManifoldCF - FREE

Part 2 Interacting with ManifoldCF
  2 Working with the crawler UI - AVAILABLE
  3 Integration using the API - AVAILABLE
  4 Integrating with the Authority Service - AVAILABLE

Part 3 Writing connectors
  5 Using the ManifoldCF infrastructure - AVAILABLE
  6 Ground rules for writing connectors - AVAILABLE
  7 Designing and writing repository connectors - AVAILABLE
  8 Designing and writing authority connectors - AVAILABLE
  9 Designing and writing output connectors - AVAILABLE

Part 4 ManifoldCF architecture
10 Organization and Architecture - AVAILABLE
11 Data structures and resource management - AVAILABLE
12 Thread architecture - AVAILABLE


No matter how exciting a search engine might be, it's worthless unless it has data to index. ManifoldCF is an open source framework for pulling content out of a repository and sending it on to targets such as Solr via a plug-in style, connector-based architecture. ManifoldCF includes connectors for numerous commercial and open source data sources, including Documentum, SharePoint, JDBC, and RSS.

ManifoldCF in Action is a comprehensive tutorial and reference that shows you how to integrate search with enterprise-level document repositories using ManifoldCF. The book begins with an architectural overview of ManifoldCF and how it fits into your application infrastructure. After covering the basics, it dives into examples showing typical integration tasks, such as setting up connections, using ManifoldCF as an engine under the control of another enterprise system, and integrating ManifoldCF's user-based security model with a search engine.

Although ManifoldCF provides connectors for a large number of repositories and search technologies, including Solr, FileNet, Windows shares, JDBC, Documentum, Meridio, and SharePoint, there are many for which no ManifoldCF connector yet exists. As you explore the ManifoldCF architecture, you'll learn how ManifoldCF interacts with individual connectors so that you can design your own custom connectors.


This book requires a working knowledge of Java, but no prior experience with search-based applications or ManifoldCF is needed.

About the Author

Karl Wright has been developing ManifoldCF since 2006, from its roots at MetaCarta well before it became an Apache project. He has extensive experience in speech recognition and compiler development, and he is the author of Borland's Turbo Assembler. Karl holds Computer Science degrees from M.I.T. and Stanford.

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