XDoclet in Action

Craig Walls and Norman Richards

2003 | 624 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1932394052

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Are you tired of writing the same Java code, over and over again? XDoclet will take the burden of repetitive development tasks off your shoulders by automating them. XDoclet is a metadata-driven, code generation engine for Java. Starting from simple JavaDoc-style comments, it generates deployment descriptors, interfaces, framework classes and other utility classes your project requires.

XDoclet in Action is an easy to read introduction to XDoclet and its uses. It is a resource on code generation with this popular open source tool. With many short code examples and a full-scale J2EE example, the book shows you how to use XDoclet with EJBs, Servlets, JMX, and other technologies. You'll also learn how to customize XDoclet beyond its out-of-the-box capabilities to generate code specific to your application.

With this book you will learn how to write less code, how to keep your application components in sync, and how to keep your deployment, interface, utility and other information all in one place.

What's Inside


Craig Walls, an XDoclet project committer, has been a software developer since 1994 and a Java fanatic since 1996. He lives in Dallas, Texas. Norman Richards has ten years' software development experience, and has worked with code generation for much of that time. He is an avid XDoclet user and evangelist. Norman lives in Austin, Texas.


"The authors' writing style is straightforward and clear. ...Those currently engaged in system design and implementation using Java will find this book to be most valuable. System developers already using XDoclet (or related systems) can deepen their engagement with XDoclet, or increase their expectations of what XDoclet-like code generators should be able to do."
-- Reviews.com

"This book will be a valuable teaching and reference tool.

This book starts with an overview of code generation and how and why XDoclet fits into your development projects. XDoclet can generate code, deployment descriptors and configuration files. The authors fully explain how XDoclet integrates with Ant. If you understand Ant, you can easily follow the examples.

The authors then go through tutorials on how to use XDoclet with different aspects of Java development, EJB, web layer, JMX, Struts, etc. The example code and xml files are well documented and easy to follow. One of the best parts is the summary sections that how you how you benefited from using XDoclet and the number of files (code and deployment descriptors) that XDoclet generated for you. The last part of the book is a reference section, so this book is all you need to start using XDoclet.

Reading this book will also give you guidelines on the proper way to code a J2EE application using design patterns and source code organization. The authors cannot explain every topic covered in great detail, so you must understand the underlying framework (Struts, Hibernate, etc.) to use XDoclet, which is summed up by their admonition, 'Don't generate what you don't understand.' This book shows you how to solve real-world problems with XDoclet solutions. I would recommend this book (and XDoclet) to every Java developer."
-- Columbia Java Users Group

"Craig Walls and Norman Richards took on the challenge of giving you a book that delves into all angles of XDoclet . . . they did a very goodjob at covering the bases, and there is plenty to learn whether you are a seasoned XDoclet user or a newbie."
-- TheServerSide.com

"If you'd like an overview of several of the technologies implemented by XDoclet, and find out more about how it works, then this is the book to get."
-- Denver JUG

"Walls and Richards have done a great job of explaining the nuts-and-bolts of XDoclet in a very lucid way. In working with an Eclipse plug-in that uses XDoclet as its code generation engine I was able to solve an XDoclet problem within a few minutes . . . "
-- A Reader from Bohemia, NY

"The collaboration of XDoclet seasoned experts and enthusiasts Craig Walls and Norman Richards, XDoclet In Action is a truly user-friendly introduction and guide to the metadata-driven, code generation engine for Java called XDoclet, and its many uses. A wealth of instructions, examples, and sample code lay out how XDoclet can be used with EJBs, Servlets, JMX, and other technologies, as well as customized or out-of-the-box uses to which XDoclet can be put for one's specific needs. A superbly accessible and useful primer, reference, and self-teaching tool, XDoclet In Action is a welcome addition to the computer reference shelf."
-- Internet Bookwatch

"An invaluable book about an indispensable framework! Abundant practical help and many working examples are offered throughout the book including the process of tool adoption for J2EE efforts that are already underway. The working J2EE application that is included in the book can be used as a reference implementation."
-- JavaRanch.com

"XDoclet in Action is the sort of guide that most open source packages desperately lack....written in the form of a 'learning journey'."
-- A MEAP Reader from Austin XML Group