SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services in Action
Revised Edition of Microsoft Reporting Services in Action

Bret Updegraff

November 2006 | 600 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1-932394-76-1

Out of Print $49.99 Softbound print book + PDF eBook
$39.99 eBook edition (PDF only)


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Manning author Bret Updegraff interviewed on .Net Rocks!
Listen as Bret Updegraff, author of SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services in Action shares his expertise in SQL Reporting Services in an interview with .Net Rocks!, the internet audio show for .Net developers.

"Helps you unlock Reporting Services."
-- From the Foreword by Brian Welcker, Group Program Manager, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

"Insightful, professional, and full of information."
-- Dan Hounshell, Telligent Systems

"Incredible technical depth, interesting examples and solutions. Very well done."
-- Dave Corun, Director of Microsoft Technologies, Catalyst IT Services

"Great case studies!"
-- Nuo Yan, Microsoft MVP, MCDBA

"Excellent writing, very detailed."
-- Berndt Hamboeck, Team Leader, United Nations

Reports are the lifeline of business, so a good reporting environment is a big deal. With a powerful tool like Microsoft Reporting Services, .NET developers can add reporting to any type of application, regardless of its target platform or development language. Greatly improved for SQL Server 2005, Reporting Services now provides tighter integration with SQL Server, improved developer tools, and an expanded array of options to empower end users.

SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services in Action helps you build and manage flexible reporting solutions and develop report-enabled applications. In this clear, well-illustrated book, you¹ll follow a report from creation to publication. Along the way you¹ll explore flexible delivery options like web-based, on-demand, and subscribed reports‹complete with cool new features like direct printing and client-side sorting.

For applications that require custom reporting, you'll learn to define reports with RDL and push them to the Report Server using the Report Manager Web Service API. You¹ll also see how to write server extensions to expand the range of data processing and report delivery options.

Written for developers with a solid foundation in .NET and SQL Server.


This book is a revised edition of Microsoft Reporting Services in Action by Teo Lachev, Manning, 2004.


Bret Updegraff holds the MCSD, MCAD, and MCDBA certifications, and is a 2006 Microsoft Server System MVP. Bret is the president of the Indianapolis Professional Association of SQL Server (PASS) users group.