JDK 1.4 Tutorial

Gregory M. Travis

2002 | 408 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1930110456

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Java is a success. It is now used across the programming landscape, from embedded devices to enterprise-class distributed systems. As Java's use increases, the pressure grows for it to expand to meet the diverse needs of the developer communities. The latest edition of Java, JDK 1.4 (or J2SE 1.4), includes new features like a new I/O system, a persistent preferences framework, Java Web Start, and Java regular expressions.

This book lets experienced developers as well as novices learn JDK 1.4's new features quickly. It provides a clear exposition of the important new topics with plenty of well documented code. All the examples are substantial and solve real-world problems but aren't cluttered with unnecessary details. The new features are covered in a comprehensive and matter-of-fact way without digressions into philosophy or theory. After reading this book, a developer will be able to use Java's new features with confidence and skill.

What's Inside


Greg Travis is a consultant and prolific writer based in New York City. He has been a Java programmer since the first day the language was released.

Sample Chapters

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"Covers some of the key additions to the Java programming language that I think most programmers will find useful. I personally liked the discussions on logging and assertions... a worthwhile read...""
-- Killersites.com

"In my own development work, I have found the chapters on Advanced NIO, Assertions, and the Preferences APImost valuable, and the examples in the book allowed me to very quickly implement the new functionality in my applications. ...If you are an experienced Java developer and want to learn about all the new features in the 1.4 JDK, this is the book for you. It's well written, includes extensive coverage of the new features, and doesn't waste any pages with "HelloWorld" tutorial programs that are covered already in countless beginner's Java books."
-- JavaRanch.com

"This book is the only book that takes a serious look at the final release of the Java 1.4 API extensions. (Wrox has an Early Adopter book on the topic but it was released before the final Java 1.4 release and was targeted more at readers that wanted to get ahead of the curve). Depending on the number of APIs that potentially affect you, this book is a good to excellent investment. The coverage is well articulated, well presented, and clear."
--JavaPro Magazine, July '02

"A perfect book for intermediate and advanced Java programmers to learn the extensive, new features of JDK 1.4...designed to get you up and running using the latest Java features in your projects. Each chapter is self-contained, dealing with a single, new set of features or a new API. Java code examples lay at the heart of each single topic chapter. …The author's no-nonsense style never intrudes upon the subject matter. This volume is reasonably priced, hot off the presses, and will pay for itself many times over the next 24 months. No cube should be without one."
--Focus on Java at About.com

A five star review has been posted for JDK 1.4 Tutorial at http://java.about.com/library/reviews/aapr041502.htm:

The Bottom Line - "A perfect book for intermediate and advanced Java programmers to learn the extensive, new features of JDK 1.4."

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