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Akka in Action


Raymond Roestenburg, Rob Bakker, and Rob Williams

MEAP Began: September 2012
Softbound print: September 2015 (est.) | 475 pages | B&W
ISBN: 9781617291012

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Table of Contents, MEAP Chapters & Resources

Table of Contents         Resources      Related Titles 

  1 Introducing Akka - FREE
  2 Up and Running - AVAILABLE
  3 Test Driven Development with Actors - AVAILABLE
  4 Fault tolerance - AVAILABLE
  5 Futures - AVAILABLE
  6 Your first distributed Akka App - AVAILABLE
  7 Configuration, Logging and Deployment - AVAILABLE
  8 System Structure - AVAILABLE
  9 Routing messages - AVAILABLE
10 Message Channels - AVAILABLE
11 Finite State Machines and Agents - AVAILABLE
12 Integration - AVAILABLE
13 Clustering - AVAILABLE
14 Akka persistence
15 Tuning Local Systems - AVAILABLE


Akka is a Scala-based toolkit that simplifies developing concurrent distributed applications. Akka uses Actors-independently executing processes that communicate via message passing—as the foundation for fault-tolerant applications where individual actors can fail without crashing everything. Perfect for high-volume applications that need to scale rapidly, Akka is an efficient foundation for event-driven systems that want to scale elastically up and out on demand, both on multi-core processors and across server nodes.

Akka in Action is a comprehensive tutorial on building message-oriented systems using Akka. The book takes a hands-on approach, where each new concept is followed by an example that shows you how it works, how to implement the code, and how to (unit) test it. You'll learn to test and deploy an actor system and scale it up and out, showing off Akka's fault tolerance. As you move along, you'll explore a message-oriented event-driven application in Akka. You'll also tackle key issues like how to model immutable messages and domain models, and apply patterns like Event Sourcing, and CQRS. The book concludes with practical advice on how to tune and customize a system built with Akka.


This book assumes that you're comfortable with Java and Scala. No prior experience with Akka is needed.


Raymond Roestenburg is an experienced software craftsman, polyglot programmer, and software architect. He is an active member of the Scala community, an Akka committer, and contributed to the Akka-Camel module. Rob Bakker is an experienced developer focused on concurrent back-end systems and system integration. He has used Scala and Akka in production from version 0.7. Rob Williams is founder of ontometrics, a practice that has been focused on Java solutions that include machine learning. He first used Actor-based programming a decade ago, and found Akka while looking for someone who had given thought to the idea of supervision, and has used it for several projects since.


This Early Access version of Akka in Action enables you to receive new chapters as they are being written. You can also interact with the authors to ask questions, provide feedback and errata, and help shape the final manuscript on the Author Online forum.


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