wxPython in Action

Noel Rappin and Robin Dunn

March 2006 | 620 pages | B&W
ISBN: 9781932394627

$49.95 Softbound print + PDF eBook
$39.99 eBook edition (PDF only)


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wxPython is an open source GUI toolkit for the Python programming language. It offers productivity gains and useful features for any programmer, and is quickly gaining in popularity as a result. The only published source for the wxPython toolkit, co-authored by the toolkit's developer Robin Dunn, wxPython in Action shows readers why wxPython is a better interface tool than Tkinter, the tool that is distributed with Python.

Because they are often large and complex, GUI programming toolkits can be hard to use. wxPython is a combination of the Python programming language and the wxWidgets toolkit, which allows programmers to create programs with a robust, highly functional graphical user interface, simply and easily. wxPython combines the power of an exceptionally complete user interface toolkit with an exceptionally flexible programming language. The result is a toolkit that is unique in the ease with which complex applications can be built and maintained.

wxPython in Action is a complete guide to the wxPython toolkit, containing a tutorial for getting started, a guide to best practices, and a reference to wxPython's extensive widget set. After an easy introduction to wxPython concepts and programming practices, the book takes an in-depth tour of when and how to use the bountiful collection of widgets offered by wxPython. All features are illustrated with useful code examples and reference tables are included for handy lookup of an object's properties, methods, and events. The book enables developers to learn wxPython quickly and remains a valuable resource for future work.

What's Inside


Noel Rappin is a senior software engineer at a large technology company, and has extensive Python experience. He has a Ph.D. from the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he studied educational software and user interface design. Noel co-authored the book Jython Essentials.

Robin Dunn, the creator and maintainer of wxPython, has been working in the software industry for 18 years on a wide variety of applications. He discovered both wxWindows and Python in 1995 while looking for a cross platform toolkit and has never (willingly) looked back. Robin was awarded the ActiveState Programmers' Choice Award at the 2002 O'Reilly Open Source Convention. Robin also worked for the Open Source Applications Foundation, improving wxPython for use in their flagship product, Chandler.

Book Reviews

"The book is easy to read and provides an approach to a very practical contemporary topic. The authors have organized their material well."
-- Melissa Strange, Walden University, www.reviews.com

“Clearly the authoritative resource on the subject, a great introduction that will also serve as an excellent reference for years to come. Recommended for wxPython n00bs and gurus alike."
-- ExileJedi.LiveJournal.com

“This book is definitive, authoritative and well-written...if you are a serious programmer who wants or needs to use the wxPython GUI toolkit, "wxPython in Action" is a must-have reference book... It is unlikely that any other book about wxPython will be published that could do a better job, given the authors' unparalleled understanding of the toolkit and the obvious patience, time and care they took in researching, writing, and editing this book. It is not a casual read, but to a serious student of the subject, that is a positive statement. The book is strong meat, a weighty and substantive technical tome... "
-- Slashdot.org

“This book could well prove a godsend… it has served me as a great introduction to wxPython, and hopefully will continue to serve me for several years to come."
-- Voidspace.org.uk

"Overall, wxPython in Action does a great job of pulling together a tremendous amount of material. And for the most part, the writing is easy to read, concise, and cogent. I think this a great first effort for both authors and an extremely useful resource for the Python community."
-- BlogCritics.org

"I feel justified in giving it a rating of ten stars. For the people who really need this book, it is about as good as it could get, and will be a most welcome addition to their technical library."
-- Ron Stephens, Python411 Podcast Series