Real-World Functional Programming
With examples in F# and C#

Tomas Petricek with Jon Skeet
Foreword by Mads Torgersen

December 2009 | 560 pages | B&W
ISBN: 9781933988924

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Functional programming languages are good at expressing complex ideas in a succinct, declarative way. Functional concepts such as "immutability" and "function values" make it easier to reason about code—as well as helping with concurrency. The new F# language, LINQ, certain new features of C#, and numerous .NET libraries now bring the power of functional programming to .NET coders.

This book teaches the ideas and techniques of functional programming applied to real-world problems. You'll see how the functional way of thinking changes the game for .NET developers. Then, you'll tackle common issues using a functional approach. The book will also teach you the basics of the F# language and extend your C# skills into the functional domain. No prior experience with functional programming or F# is required.


About the Authors

Microsoft C# MVP Tomas Petricek is one of the leaders of the F# community. He was part of the Microsoft Research team for F# and is interested in distributed and reactive programming using F#. Microsoft C# MVP Jon Skeet is a veteran C# and Java developer, prolific "Stack Overflow" contributor, and author of C# in Depth.


“An amazingly good book that puts into words the many benefits of the functional paradigm, and shows that the F# programming language can embrace both the functional and object-oriented styles of programming.”
Clive Tong, Software Engineer, Red Gate Software

“I'd certainly recommend this to any .NET developer curious about learning how to apply ideas derived from functional programming to their C# code...”
Mark Needham

“Seriously though, if you've got any passion for programming and are targeting .NET then you should be reading this now.”
Tom Kirby-Green, Byte Wrangler and Pixel Artist