Web Development with Apache and Perl

Theo Petersen

2002 | 424 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1930110065

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Open source tools provide a powerful and flexible environment for web development and maintenance. If your site has complex business rules or server logic, then you need more than just an interface builder. You need a strong application language with effective tools ready at hand. Perl's strengths make it a natural choice.

Did you know you can easily build a site with features like message forums, chat, session management, custom preferences and other features your users will love? This book shows you how. But it is more than a programming book. It covers a wide spectrum of practical issues and how to handle them, such as when to use a database, what information needs to be secure (and how to secure it), and how to keep traffic from crippling your site. It will teach you the empowering use of ready-made modules so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. And it will even teach you how to successfully advocate the use of Open Source tools in your company.

What's Inside:


A web developer committed to Open Source tools, Theo Petersen has spent many years collecting experiences from other developers and evaluating web development languages, add-ons and techniques to create a best-of-breed toolkit for web applications. This book is the result. Theo lives in Denver, Colorado.


Chapters 2 and 6 of Web Development with Apache and Perl are available here in Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software to view them. You may download Acrobat Reader here.

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"A pretty comprehensive overview...squarely on the 'must-read' shelf for a multitude of OS/400 and z/OS programmers, whose platforms support Perl and Apache, but who may be less familiar with them...I haven't encountered a better introductory-to-intermediate discussion of [Apache] elsewhere. The performance-management chapter at the end of the book is quite juicy with insight...Theo Petersen is clearly an excellent Perl coder and an accomplished tech writer who has managed to sum up an entire programming discipline in a pleasingly concise fashion..."
-- The Perl Journal

"A thorough review of the state of the art of web development in these areas...a very useful book to have on your bookshelf. Anyone who is developing web applications using Apache and Perl will find something useful in the book...the high-level approach makes the book particularly useful."

"I recommend this book highly for anyone who desires to get a all-encompassing look at web programming and Apache at the same time."
--Pekin Perl Mongers User Group

"A 'keeper'for any programmer's bookshelf. Reference books that guide and explain in an easy-to-read format are not plentiful, but this book does just that...an excellent book, highly recommended for computer labs in schools, clubs or groups that want to build their own web sites from the "ground up". This is a must read for all those who want their site to perform and perform well."
--Linux Journal and Tahoe-Reno Perl Mongers

"If you are starting web development for the first time, or are considering switching from a commercial platform to an open source platform, this book is for you...Theo demonstrates that there are tools for the full range of web development tasks. He relies on his own significant experience in web and software development to sort through the hodge-podge for us."

"a well-written book and should be more than adequate for its target audience."
--Boston Perl Mongers User Group

"...the right book for intra/inter/extranet development, and indeed, it covers all three in excellent depth for those who want to design and build a full and robust web site...a must read for all those who want their site to perform and perform well. Overall this is an excellent book, highly recommended for computer labs in schools, clubs or groups that want to build their own web sites from the 'ground up'."
--Linux Journal

"I picked up some great ideas to share with the project I'm working on, and which will stay in my arsenal for new projects. I'd encourage other Perl developers (especially those looking to get involved in the Web Development industry) to pick up a copy."
--Metrowest Perl Mongers

"No stone was left unturned for the functionality you might require. Importantly, the Apache and MySQL configuration requirements for combining the different tools was put in place. This is not the sort of thing that one can find in the INSTALL file for any of the individual applications. The code examples are superb and show just how Perl can be used as glue for existing tools."
--Perl Monks

"an excellent book...Petersen has a very readable style -- pleasant and professional, without sounding preachy...it makes sense even if you do not understand perl. This book will give you the ability to think about your web projects like an architect, not a bystander...It belongs on your bookshelf; not just so you know what's in it, but also so you can pass it on when you need to get someone educated FAST."
--SiouxLand Perl Mongers Group


Source code for Web Development with Apache and Perl is contained in a single zip file or in tar/gzip format. Free unzip programs can be found at www.download.com.

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