Silverlight 4 in Action
Silverlight 4, ViewModel Pattern, and WCF RIA Services

Pete Brown
Revised edition of Silverlight 2 in Action by Chad Campbell and John Stockton

September 2010 | 800 pages | B&W
ISBN: 9781935182375

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Silverlight gives you entirely new ways to create rich internet applications, and now Silverlight 4 adds many powerful enhancements to the mix.

Silverlight 4 in Action is a comprehensive guide to application building using C#. It goes into action immediately in a thorough introduction. It then follows up with numerous nifty examples to explore flexible layout, control extensibility, the communication and binding models, rich media, animation, and much more.

This book explores practical questions in patterns, testing, and performance optimization throughout. No previous experience with Silverlight is required.



Pete Brown is the Microsoft Community Program Manager for Silverlight and WPF. The First Edition was written by independent developers Chad Campbell and John Stockton.

First Edition Authors

Chad Campbell is a Microsoft MVP and solutions architect. He has been developing enterprise-level web applications with a wide variety of technologies since 1999. He holds MCSD and MCTS certifications and holds BS degree from Purdue University.

John Stockton is a web applications developer and is active in the Silverlight community, speaking at and organizing live and online events.


“I recommend this book for anyone getting started with Silverlight, or for those working with Silverlight at the intermediate level.”
Dennis Hayes, asp.netPRO

Silverlight 2 in Action gives you a solid, well-thought out and coherent foundation for building RIA web applications, and provides you with lots of technical details without ever becoming cloudy.”
—Golo Roden, author, trainer and speaker for .NET technologies

“All in all, this book is excellent to begin Silverlight, and also to come back to regularly.”
Philippe Vialatte,

“...Improve your Silverlight skill in a very short time.”
Michael Sync,

“I've read a number of Silverlight books to date; many suffer the scars of having been begun for earlier Silverlight versions and have had to be updated as Silverlight has changed. Silverlight 2 In Action does not suffer from this -- it is feature-complete for the Silverlight 2 RTW (release) version and I do not believe I have seen any Silverlight book yet that has this much detail on virtually all the facets of Silverlight development.”
Peter Bromberg, co-founder of

“I'm strongly recommending this book to everyone, whether you're a professional developer or just a beginner and want to learn the basics of Silverlight to experience the tips and tricks of building RIAs. After thoroughly reading this book, I have come to the conclusion that this book is enough to turn this world around with Silverlight.”
Faisal Khan, DotNetSlackers

“The book itself is written in an easy to follow style, covering all the elements of Silveright you need to get up and running, while answering those questions in the back of your mind.”
Richard Costall, MVP, MCSD.NET


“Silverlight 4 in Action is perhaps the most comprehensive book on silverlight I have come across. Only Pete Brown could have written this great book. The author goes through the beginner level and slowly progresses towards the best practices on the silverlight platform.”
—Vikram Malhotra (independent consultant)

“A great introduction to Silverlight and the ultimate reference for experienced developers, all in one book.”
Alvin Ashcraft, Microsoft Visual C# MVP, Software Engineer, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

“The MVVM chapter is a true gem.”
—Omar Y Shraim, ATC

“Extremely well written. Raises the bar for Silverlight titles.”
Richard Costall, NxtGenUG