Server-Based Java Programming

Ted Neward

2000 | 592 pages | B&W
ISBN: 9781884777714

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Java on the server is here to stay. Whether you're using J2EE or writing your own, you will need to understand the fundamental concepts of server-based Java. Server-Based Java Programming teaches those concepts of Java that underlie the J2EE APIs and the best ways to use them. An ongoing focus on the full lifecycle, including administration and deployment, makes this book a rare, practical guide. One of its themes is the theoretical "three-zeroes" goal for server development--zero development, zero administration, and zero deployment.

Server-Based Java Programming isn't just about implementation--it's also about architecture, and design. You'll learn how to write the code that sustains a cutting-edge enterprise. You will learn nuts-and-bolts topics like ClassLoaders, threads, CORBA, RMI/IIOP, and JNI, as well as how to make each of these contribute to enterprise-wide goals such as fault-tolerance, easier system administration, five-nine availability, deployment without headaches, and lower development costs.

What's Inside:

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"The way the book details the (business object) model, and shows how to implement it in three different architectures, is excellent!"
--Bruce Arbuckle, IT Consultant, Hewlett-Packard

"One of the many strengths of this book is that it goes through how things work in explicit detail."
--Kito D. Mann, CEO Virtua Communications Corp

"Covers so much more than just the ABCs of server-side Java."
--Curt Powell, President Sierra Ridge Software

"There's no other book like this one—every chapter will be valuable to me at one time or another."
--Adam Smith, Programmer/Analyst Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University

"Very few software books surprise me, very few bring a perspective, and very few feel different from the others. This one does all three."
--Stuart Halloway, DevelopMentor, from the Foreword


Ted Neward is a C++ and Java developer, architect, consultant and instructor in the Sacramento area. He is the author of two other Manning books.

Sample Chapters

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"It's fairly rare for a book to take an angle on a broad topic that yields meaningful new insights. Ted Neward's Server-Based Java Programming is clearly targeted at server-side development, but it doesn't tackle the topic in the traditional Web-based, servlet, JSP, EJB, app server angle that you might expect. Instead, it provides a look at critical techniques that developers should know but are rarely communicated concisely or effectively. Reading this book can make the difference between being a good Java programmer and an excellent one. If you work frequently with Java, you owe it to yourself to expand the breadth of your existing knowledge by reading this book.

...Among the important topics covered in this book are a couple of chapters on threads, a look at remotely controlling your objects with RMI, and the question of persistent object models. Each of these discussions provide considerable value. I especially liked the fact that one chapter was dedicated to configuration, a topic that is almost never addressed in a server-centric Java book.

...Neward brings new information to the table and easily lifts this book above the crowd, supplementing instead of mimicking existing server books. The observations and techniques explored in these pages will make this a valuable addition to your Java library. The class loader coverage is second to none, clearly explaining the ins and outs of class loader development across four comprehensive chapters. You should find this book a good investment if you frequently do server-based work in Java."

     --Claude Duguay, Java Zone of the Development Exchange

"Manning authors are allowed to think aloud, develop arguments, and often seem to know what they are talking about. This is unusual in a world numbed by the dummies approach...Neward has something to say, has background research to back up his claims, and supplies footnotes...Computer books are best when they bring a bit of the author's experience to the industry-provided documentation. When an author has lived with the topic, the book gains value. This book rates fairly well on that score."
     --Electronic Review of Computer Books

"As a systems architect I found this book extremely useful. It is an excellent book for those involved in serious server-side architecture, design and development...Throughout the book the author identifies real-world problems and issues facing server-side design, and presents several solutions to these problems...Overall, this is an excellent book, one that is now included in my ?Top 5? list of technical books."
     --Mark Richards, President, New England Java Users Group
     --Complete review at

"This book covers everything: threads, control, extensions, classloaders, sockets, servlets, persistence, objects, architecture, design--everything. It's written for experienced programmers to take them to new heights in programming practices and design... numerous code examples are fully explained for readers to follow, and topics are approached logically and comprehensively."
     --Mitch Tulloch on

"Having the depth of understanding that's presented in this book gives you the ability to write code of greater robustness than otherwise, whether you're writing J2EE apps or not ... I've long been an advocate of building 'lights out' systems - put it on the servers, shut off the lights and go home and wait for the checks...but Ted then goes on to describe and produce code that actually moves us toward these goals. I appreciated the frequent references to design patterns. In many circles, patterns are new concepts that people are just starting to experiment with. It is refreshing to see a book where the audience is expected to understand them. UML is used where appropriate, adding yet more evidence that this is written by an architect and software engineer - not just someone throwing code together quick and dirty... one of the best purchases I've made."
     --Glen Lewis, Utah Java User Group

"If you want to understand what is going on under the covers of an EJB application server, then by reading this book you will have a good idea...excellent at explaining develop server side applications."
     --[Read it in full at]

"This book is a voice of reason in Sun's flood of J2EE (especially EJB) hype. It's a wholly remarkable Java book. Ted Neward should be rewarded and congratulated for this book, it sets a new standard in content quality for Java books..."

Source Code

Source code from Server-Based Java Programming is freely available and is contained in a single ZIP file, size 2.11 Mb.

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