JavaFX in Action
Covers JavaFX v1.2

Simon Morris

November 2009 | 384 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1933988991

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With Java FX you can create dazzlingly rich applications for the web, desktop, and mobile devices. It is a complete RIA system with powerful presentation and animation libraries, a declarative scripting language, and an intuitive coding model—all fully integrated with the Java platform.

Assuming no previous knowledge of JavaFX, JavaFX in Action makes the exploration of JavaFX interesting and easy by using numerous bite-sized projects. You'll gain a solid grounding in the JavaFX syntax and related APIs and then learn to apply key features of the JavaFX platform through the examples. JavaFX expert Simon Morris helps you transform variables and operators into bouncing raindrops, brilliant colors, and dancing interface components. And, below the chrome, you'll master techniques to make your business applications more responsive and user friendly.



Based in the UK, Simon Morris builds web and desktop applications for commercial, academic, and government clients. He blogs at


“JavaFX in Action is easy to read and I highly recommend getting the book... Also, I find that all the bonus sections are excellent and quite useful in the real world.”
Carl Dea, DZone Book Reviewer

“The language used in the book is very light, even funny. It is pleasure to read, still everything is explained clearly and understandably.”
Pawel Stawicki,

“It is a pleasure to read...everything is explained clearly and understandably.”
Pawel Stawicki