Ruby in Practice

Jeremy McAnally and Assaf Arkin

March 2009 | 360 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1933988479

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Like Ruby itself, Ruby in Practice will make you more productive. The book shows you practical techniques and strategies for small projects and large-scale environments. A cookbook-style reference, it gives you concrete examples of systems integration, messaging, web development, and databases, all in a clear problem/ solution format.

Part 1 of the book concentrates on the Ruby way of developing software, especially how to use Ruby as a tool for integration. Part 2 talks about REST, Web services, asynchronous messaging, and deployment. In the last part, you'll discover how to manage all forms of data—from manipulating structured documents to identity management. Along the way you'll learn how to use Ruby to build new applications, solve more problems with less effort, integrate with your existing applications, and give new life to your legacy systems.



A consultant, speaker, and author, Jeremy McAnally is a Ruby developer at entp. A co-founder and CTO of Intalio, Assaf Arkin is an open source advocate passionate about building business applications that just work.


“I would strongly recommend this book to someone who has come to Ruby through Rails and is ready to learn more about what is possible with the language or someone who is coming from another language background with experience and perspective on things like stomp servers or Lucene and who's interest in dynamic languages has been piqued...”
Andrew Shafer, Slashdot Review