NHibernate in Action

Pierre Henri Kuaté, Tobin Harris, Christian Bauer, and Gavin King

February 2009 | 400 pages | B&W
ISBN: 9781932394924
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In the classic style of Manning's "In Action" series, NHibernate in Action introduces .NET developers to the NHibernate Object/Relational Mapping tool. As NHibernate is a port of Hibernate from Java to .NET, the book is based on Manning's bestselling Hibernate in Action.

NHibernate in Action begins by describing how to implement persistence in a layered .NET application. The book then quickly springs into action by introducing NHibernate through a classic "Hello World" example. It explains how to configure NHibernate to specify the mapping information between business objects and database tables, and then explores the internal architecture of NHibernate. A complete example application is progressively built with Agile methodologies in mind, which shows readers all kinds of entity and relationship mappings and how to perform CRUD operations. The book also covers advanced techniques like caching, concurrency access, and isolation levels. The Hibernate Query Language (HQL) and criteria query APIs are thoroughly detailed with optimization tips.

The last chapters of this book discuss various development scenarios, how to implement the layers of an NHibernate application (covering Windows and Web development), and which tools are available for these tasks. They also provide some solutions for data-binding objects to .NET GUI controls, integrating services, and interacting with components using DataSets. Finally, they explain how to build a complex application involving advanced session management and distributed transactions.


About the Authors

Pierre Henri Kuaté is one of the main developers on the NHibernate project team, author of the NHibernate.Mapping.Attributes library, and a major contributor to the NHibernate forum. He's responsible for managing the NHibernate documentation, website, and forum on the Hibernate.org site. He started using NHibernate more than two years ago in commercial development.

Tobin Harris has worked with NHibernate since it was in early Beta. His passion is tools and practices that help build quality software at high speeds. As an independent consultant and entrepreneur, Tobin works with companies across the globe in various sectors including banking, personal finance, healthcare, software components and new media. In 2001, Tobin was the founder of the Open Source SqlBuddy project. Subsequently he has worked in partnership with Frost Innovation on Gaia Ajax Widgets, an Open Source Ajax suite for .NET. Tobin obtained his degree in Software Engineering at Leeds Metropolitan University, and continues to work and live in Leeds, UK.

Christian Bauer is a member of the Hibernate developer team and a trainer, consultant, and product manager for Hibernate, EJB 3.0, and JBoss Seam at JBoss. He is the lead author of Hibernate in Action and Java Persistence with Hibernate.

Gavin King is a lead developer at JBoss, the creator of Hibernate, and a member of the EJB 3.0 (JSR 220) expert group. He also leads the Web Beans JSR 299, a standardization effort involving Hibernate concepts, JSF, and EJB 3.0.


“I would recommend this book to anyone using NHibernate for their next application, as well as to anyone interested in Object-Relational Mapping concepts in General.”
Brian Sullivan, Shreveport .NET User Group

“...This is the NHibernate Bible.”
Jess Chadwick, Microsoft MVP (ASP.NET)

“Finally...those looking to learn NHibernate have been rescued from this utter torture of finding good guidance with NHibernate in Action.”
David Hayden, Microsoft MVP