Test Driven
Practical TDD and Acceptance TDD for Java Developers

Lasse Koskela

October 2007 | 544 pages | B&W
ISBN: 9781932394856

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In test-driven development, you first write an executable test of what your application code must do. Only then do you write the code itself and, with the test spurring you on, improve your design. In acceptance test-driven development (ATDD), you use the same technique to implement product features, benefiting from iterative development, rapid feedback cycles, and better-defined requirements. TDD and its supporting tools and techniques lead to better software faster.

Test Driven brings under one cover practical TDD techniques distilled from several years of community experience. With examples in Java and the Java EE environment, it explores both the techniques and the mindset of TDD and ATDD. It uses carefully chosen examples to illustrate TDD tools and design patterns, not in the abstract but concretely in the context of the technologies you face at work. It is accessible to TDD beginners, and it offers effective and less-well-known techniques to older TDD hands.


About the Author

Lasse Koskela, a methodology specialist at Reaktor Innovations in Finland, has coached dozens of teams in agile methods and practices such as test-driven development.


"In the field of TDD, this book is one of the best books I have ever read. The book is easy to ready, easy to understand and well-written."
Ionel Condor, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

"The text sets a high bar, and achieves and surpasses it. It means to propagate the philosophy of TDD, to demonstrate it in practical usage, and to facilitate its introduction into places it has not yet reached in the real world. It accomplishes these goals with an engaging style, incidentally bestrewing the path with many pearls of obviously hard-won wisdom."

"... very engaging writing style. I was blown away!"
—Michael Feathers, Consultant, Object Mentor

"Full of hard-won lessons that take years to learn on your own."
—Laurent Bossavit, Consultant, 2006 Gordon Pask Award Winner

"Strengthen your quality safety-net with the TDD ideas in this book!"
—Christopher Haupt, Principal Consultant, Mobirobo LLC

"... a well-spring of up-to-date information and practices."
—Jason Rogers, Software Engineer, RiskMetrics Group, Inc.

"... it's much better on TDD than other books I've read ... including a wonderful job in providing TDD philosophy."
—Dave Corun, Architect, Social Solutions