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Groovy in Action, Second Edition


Dierk König, Paul King, Guillaume Laforge, Hamlet D'Arcy, Cédric Champeau, Erik Pragt, and Jon Skeet

MEAP Began: June 2009
Softbound print: June 2015 (est.) | 700 pages | B&W
ISBN: 9781935182443

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Table of Contents, MEAP Chapters & Resources

Table of Contents         Resources 
  1 Your way to Groovy - FREE
  2 Overture: The Groovy basics - AVAILABLE
  3 Simple Groovy datatypes - AVAILABLE
  4 Collective Groovy datatypes - AVAILABLE
  5 Working with closures - AVAILABLE
  6 Groovy control structures - AVAILABLE
  7 Object orientation, Groovy style - AVAILABLE
  8 Dynamic Programming with Groovy - AVAILABLE
  9 Compile-Time Metaprogramming and AST Transformations - AVAILABLE
10 Groovy as a static language - AVAILABLE

11 Working with builders - AVAILABLE
12 Working with the GDK - AVAILABLE
13 Database programming with Groovy - AVAILABLE
14 Working with XML and JSON - AVAILABLE
15 Interacting with Web Services - AVAILABLE
16 Integrating Groovy - AVAILABLE

17 Unit testing with Groovy - AVAILABLE
18 Concurrent Groovy with GPars - AVAILABLE
19 Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) - AVAILABLE
20 The Groovy Ecosystem - AVAILABLE

  A Installation and documentation - AVAILABLE
  B Groovy language information - AVAILABLE
  C GDK API quick reference - AVAILABLE
  D Cheat sheets - AVAILABLE
  E Annotation parameters - AVAILABLE
  F Compiler Phases - AVAILABLE
  G AST Visitors - AVAILABLE
  H Type Checking Extensions - AVAILABLE
  I Android - AVAILABLE


The first edition of Groovy in Action is the undisputed definitive reference on the Groovy language. Written by core members of the Groovy language team, this book presents Groovy like no other can—from the inside out. Since its introduction a few years back, Groovy has grown from an upstart dynamic language for the JVM to become an integral part of any Java developer's toolbox. Projects like Grails and Griffon have extended Groovy's reach into the web and desktop app world.

Groovy in Action, Second Edition is a thoroughly-revised, comprehensive guide to Groovy programming. It introduces Java developers to the dynamic features that Groovy provides, and shows you how to apply Groovy to a range of tasks including building new apps, integration with existing code, and DSL development.

This book introduces Groovy by example, presenting lots of reusable code while explaining the underlying concepts. Java developers new to Groovy find a smooth transition into the dynamic programming world. Groovy experts gain a solid reference that challenges them to explore Groovy deeply and creatively.

For readers learning Groovy from scratch, Groovy in Action thoroughly moves through the Groovy basics, including:

Readers are presented with rich and detailed examples illustrating Groovy's enhancements to Java, including:

Groovy in Action then demonstrates how to integrate Groovy in Java projects and provides:



Dierk König is a senior software developer, mentor and coach. He publishes in leading German magazines on software development and speaks at international conferences. He works at Canoo Engineering AG, Basel, Switzerland, where he is fellow and founding partner. Since the first edition of this book came out, he has worked almost exclusively with Groovy, be it as an engineer, architect, consultant, or trainer. His single and multi-day trainings on Groovy and Grails attract lots of attention. He joined the Groovy project in 2004, working as a committer ever since.

Dr Paul King leads ASERT, an organization based in Brisbane, Australia which provides software development, training, and mentoring services to customers wanting to embrace new technologies, harness best practices and innovate. He has been contributing to open source projects for nearly 20 years and has been an active committer to Groovy since he joined the project in 2006. Paul speaks at international conferences, and publishes in software magazines and journals. He has the pleasure of working with Groovy on a regular basis with many of his agile customers.

Guillaume Laforge is the official Groovy Project Manager and Head of Groovy Development at SpringSource. He founded G2One, Inc. (later acquired by SpringSource), a professional services company dedicated to sustaining and leading the development of both Groovy and Grails. You can meet Guillaume at conferences around the world where he evangelizes the Groovy dynamic language, Domain-Specific Languages in Groovy, and the agile Grails web framework.

Hamlet D'Arcy is the founder of the Basel-based Hackergarten open source coding group, and regularly participates and speaks at local and international user groups and conferences. Hamlet is a committer on the Groovy and CodeNarc projects, and is a contributor on a few other open source projects (including JConch and the IDEA Groovy Plugin). He's passionate about learning new languages and different ways to think about problems, and he blogs regularly at Hamlet can be found on Twitter as HamletDRC.

Cédric Champeau is a core Groovy committer. He joined SpringSource, by Pivotal, in order to help develope the language and he is responsible for the implementation of static type checking and static compilation in Groovy 2.

Erik Pragt is a passionate software developer with a broad range of experience in static languages like Java, and dynamic languages like Groovy. Having worked as a consultant for a broad range of customers mostly in the Telecom, ISP, and banking sector, Erik is now an independent freelance consultant. He founded the Dutch Groovy and Grails user group, and is a regular conference speaker and trainer.

Jon Skeet is a Java developer working for Google in London. He is a C# author and community leader, spending far too much time on the Stack Overflow developer Q&A site. Jon's re-learning Groovy along the course of this book, standing in the readers' shoes and pulling up the rest of the authoring team if they steam ahead too quickly. His aim is to help to translate the experience and knowledge of the other authors into the most readable and informative text possible.


“I'm glad to have it on my bookshelf.”
—From the Foreword by James Gosling

“The examples are the strongest part of the book—all assumptions are checked using assertions and they are said to had been run before printing so one can trust that they're faultless. Explanations are fine-grained so even inexperienced developers can read it with understanding.”
Marek Zganiacz, Senior software developer, Comarch SA

“...Based on its peculiar name alone, I thumbed through a copy of König's book at a local bookstore. In a short time, I was a "true believer".”
Kevin Wall, Computing Reviews

“This is a book that is very readable, engaging, and does a great job of slotting Groovy into the broader world of software development. Highly Recommended.”
Pan Pantziarka

“For anyone considering Groovy or even just interested in seeing what all of the fuss is around the features of dynamic languages such as closures, this book will deliver.”
—Gregory Pierce,

“Examples are clear, complete, and they work!”
—David Sills,

Groovy in Action is not just a language guide, but represents the clear, readable and enjoyable specification of Groovy (and you should definitely read it and start playing with Groovy.”
—Alexander Popescu, Mindstorm

“All-in-all, I think Groovy in Action is among the top five Manning books. For me personally, it's also a perception changing and influential book. [..] I highly recommend Groovy in Action for Java developers who want to learn Groovy in a systematic way and who are starting Groovy projects.”
Weiqi Gao

“The definitive book on the [Groovy] language.”
—Andrew Binstock, SD Times

“Excellent code samples ... very readable.”
—Scott Shaw, ThoughtWorks

“Top of my list.”
—Samuel Pullara, VP Technology Strategy, Yahoo, Inc.

“Collects in one place details of the language and its libraries—a valuable resource.”
—John Wilson, The Wilson Partnership

“Great, logical focus on language features.”
—Norman Richards, JBoss Developer, author of XDoclet in Action

“Destined to be the definitive guide. First rate!”
—Glen Smith, Bytecode Pty Ltd

“You want to learn Groovy? This book has all you need.”
—Stuart Caborn, ThoughtWorks

Groovy Wins Top JAX Innovation 2007 Award!
Groovy in Action co-author Dierk Koenig accepted the coveted JAX Innovation Award on behalf of the Groovy project. About Groovy, the Jax Jury said "the project is a satisfying answer to the latest trends regarding agile, dynamic programming languages and helps users to secure their investments in the Java platform." Congratulations Groovy Team!


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