Continuous Integration in .NET

Marcin Kawalerowicz and Craig Berntson

March 2011 | 328 pages | B&W
ISBN: 9781935182559

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Continuous integration (CI) combines frequent integration, constant readiness, short build feedback cycles, persistent testing, and a fl exible approach to system requirements. Adopting these practices, and the supporting tools, requires rethinking your entire development process.

Continuous Integration in .NET shows you how to reimagine your development strategies by creating a consistent continuous integration process. You'll use Visual Studio along with tools like Subversion, MSBuild, TFS, TeamCity, NUnit, and Selenium. And because CI is as much about the culture of your shop as the tooling, this book provides clear guidelines for starting and maintaining projects, along with metrics for measuring project success.



An independent consultant based in Silesia, Poland, Marcin Kawalerowicz works for European customers in the automotive and fnancial sectors, among others. He writes a popular blog at Craig Berntson is a Microsoft MVP and popular speaker and trainer based in the US. He blogs at


“This book is highly recommended to any one developing for .NET who is beginning with the CI process. It is a very good starting point with practical guides on the implementation of CI. For people already familiar with CI and using it to some extend, the book can be a next step.”
—Michiel Overeem, Software Engineer

“I was very happy with this book as the authors took us on a tour of having nothing to making sure our site works and is always available to be put to live. I would definitely recommend purchasing this book if you have wanted to start CI but didn't know how. It gets a 4 out of 5 for me and I have been doing CI for quite a while now.”
Paul Stack, Senior software developer