Portlets and Apache Portals

Stefan Hepper, Peter Fischer, Stephan Hesmer, Richard Jacob and David Sean Taylor

2005 | 500 pages
ISBN: hepper-free-manuscript

Portlets and Apache Portals explains how to develop JSR 168 and WSRP compliant portlets and how to test and deploy these portlets on Apache open source software. Richly illustrated with useful code examples. By the creators of WSRP and JSR 168 portlet standards.


Due to the growing complexity of web sites, portals and portlets are experiencing serious growth. Portals help reduce complexity by allowing the dynamic aggregation and display of diverse content in a single web page. Portal components are pluggable parts called portlets. To be "pluggable" portlets and portals must satisfy standards. The authors of this book, all but one employees of IBM, created these standards: Java Portlet Specification JSR 168 and Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP).

The book starts gently with the basics of portlet technology and a functionrich portlet example. It then dives more deeply into portlets and J2EE, portlet architecture, best practices, and explores how the popular JSF web framework can ease portlet development. It shows how to set up an open source portal and create portlets that dynamically access backend data of various types. It is rich in something readers want: code examples that show them how to do it.

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Stefan Hepper is a member of IBM's WebSphere Portal development team. He is the responsible architect for the WebSphere Portal programming model and public APIs and was co-leader of the Java Portlet Specification JSR 168. Stefan also started the Pluto project at Apache that provides the reference implementation of JSR 168.

Peter Fischer, Richard Jacob and Stephan Hesmer have led the WSRP team and the implementation of the WSRP specification in IBM's WebSphere Portal v.5.x. David Sean Taylor is the founder of Apache Portals and Jetspeed-2 open source enterprise portal.