Up to Speed with Swing, Second Edition
User Interfaces With Java Foundation Classes
Steven Gutz

1999 | 560 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1884777759
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Now in its Second Edition, Up to Speed with Swing is for you if you want to get on the fast track to Java Swing. The second edition has been extensively updated to cover Java 1.2 with additional code examples and illustrations.

Guided by a master programmer who writes Java for a living, you'll learn Swing from the insider's point of view. Up to Speeed with Swing has one purpose: to save you time mastering Swing. From the basics of Swing to creating a custom look and feel, or from the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture to optimizing your Swing code, this tutorial gives you an understanding of the big picture as well as the experience of working through detailed examples.



"This book jump-starts both new and advanced programmers on Swing-- and the Swing state of mind."
--Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine, Java Computing Engineer, Asyres

"A great book. ...very comprehensive and lives up to its title."
--David Anderson, Consultant UI Designer, Singapore

"Does excellent justice to Swing. I recommend it."
--Jaideep Baphna, Senior Software Developer, Dataware Technologies, Inc.

"...recommended for both programmers new to Swing and to those who need the latest info about it."
--David Karr, Software Engineer, GTE Network Management Organization

"...key features of Swing, like Lists, Tables and Tree views are covered very well."
--Michael Neylon, University of Michigan


Steven Gutz has been developing software for over 13 years, most recently focusing on the advantages of the Java programming language for platform independent user interface development. He has written countless applications for the atomic energy, laser, and communications industires. His earlier book for Manning is TCP/IP Programming for OS/2


The first edition of Up to Speed With Swing by Gutz was reviewed on the "Association of C & C++ Users Book Reviews" web site (www.accu.org):

"This book presents a thorough introduction and reference to Swing (why to use it, how to use it, how to optimize it, etc.). The explanations are clear and concise and there are plenty of sample programs (available from a web site). Recommended for the professional developer and as a student text in an HCI module."