Grails in Action
Second edition of this book is now available

Glen Smith and Peter Ledbrook
Foreword by Dierk Koenig

May 2009 | 520 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1933988932

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Web apps shouldn't be hard to build, right? The developers of Grails agree. This hyper-productive open-source web framework lets you "code by convention", leaving you to focus on what makes your app special. Through its use of Groovy, it gives you a powerful, Java-like language and full access to all Java libraries. And you can adapt your app's behavior at runtime without a server restart.

Grails in Action is a comprehensive guide to the Grails framework. First, the basics: the domain model, controllers, views, and services. Then, the fun! Dive into a Twitter-style app with features like AJAX/JSON, animation, search, wizards—even messaging and Jabber integration. Along the way, you'll discover loads of great plugins that'll make your app shine. Learn to integrate with existing Java systems using Spring and Hibernate. You'll need basic familiarity with Java and the web. Prior experience with Groovy is not necessary.


About the Authors

A frequent speaker and the co-host of the Grails podcast, Glen Smith launched the first public-facing Grails app (an SMS Gateway) on Grails 0.2. Peter Ledbrook is a core Grails developer and author of several popular plugins, who has worked as an engineer for both G2One and SpringSource.


“The style is clean, friendly, and enjoyable; and the language is easy to understand...The best book available on the subject.”
Alessio Spadaro, DZone Reviewer

“A veritable Grails treasure chest. An absolute must-have regardless of Grails knowledge.”
Geertjan Wielenga, DZone Review

“This book should be a must read for every Java enterprise developer! Grails shows a pragmatic lightweight approach to the Java EE platform which is eye-opening and will change your perspective on Java enterprise projects.”
Jonas Bandi, software architect, Zühlke Engineering AG Switzerland

“This book will lead you from the beginning to the really advanced features of Grails. If you are developing with Grails, I am very sure you [should] have this book near you.”
Jan Sokol

“The book is very well organized and the topics chosen are well thought of. An easy conversational tone is used through out the book. In my opinion, this book succeeds in building a sustained interest about the framework. It is also an excellent reference book on the topic. Strongly recommend the book for all Grails enthusiasts.”
Surya Suravarapu, Software Architect