Python and Tkinter Programming

John E. Grayson

2000 | 688 pages | B&W
ISBN: 9781884777813

$49.95 Softbound print book + PDF eBook
$39.99 eBook edition (PDF only)


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If you are interested in Python and Tkinter, you have probably noticed that although there is some good contributed documentation on the Web, there is not enough to get Tkinter applications up and running. Python and Tkinter Programming is the answer. It is designed for readers who are familiar with Python and who need to develop applications with Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs).

Python and Tkinter Programming presents the elements of typical Python and Tkinter applications in a straight-forward fashion. Sample code illustrates each element. Complete applications that go far beyond the fill-the-form class of graphical user interfaces are presented; here you will find examples of complex controls, drawn interfaces and photorealistic panels. The code can readily be used as templates for new applications. Extensions to Python (such as ODBC) are examined as well. Complete source code for all examples, along with the latest releases of required software, will be available from Manning's web site.

Tkinter is fully documented. To date, this level of documentation has not been available to Tkinter programmers, who have been required to read the code or interpret Tcl/Tk man pages to fully understand component usage.

Python and Tkinter Programming will be useful in both Windows and Unix environments, and the example code is portable between the two environments.

Translation rights for Python and Tkinter Programming have been granted for China, Japan, and Korea. If you are interested in learning where to buy this book in a language other than English, please inquire at your local bookseller.


> Tkinter now has a very detailed book: Python and
> Tkinter Programming (is John paying me to say this? : ) ).
> I would do a little research and check it out.

I think the tkInter book is the single best book on programming technique I've ever read - I enjoyed it immensely, and learned a lot of it, even though I'll _never_ use the tkInter widget set.
--comp.lang.python newsgroup

"John E Grayson's deeply thought, maturely written Python and Tkinter Programming does the double service of being a excellent object-oriented GUI book and communicating the standard for Tk-widget-based GUI development to the python community. The short-term result will be a rapid expansion in the popularity of python itself; the long-term result will be a new batch of supportable, reusable code...Grayson's elegant introduction to Tkinter advances the subtext of supportability noticeably farther along."
--Reviewed by Peter Leopold,

"All in all, I think it's well worth the price, considering it's the only Tkinter book out there."
--Jeff Blaine

"I was surprised by the very high quality level of this book... an exhaustive, well designed and clearly written book...contains a lot of well written code and a lot of real world examples. You can read it sequentially, to make your own idea of Tkinter, or use it as a reference book to keep on your desk. In both cases, you cannot be disappointed by this book."
--Alessandro Bottoni

"if you were talking about Tkinter, check Grayson's book. Designing good looking interfaces takes time and talent. If you have neither, no user interface toolkit will help."
--Fredrik Lundh

"I highly recommend John Grayson's book, Python and Tkinter Programming. This is a great book, and I bet that after half an hour of reading you'll be starting to get the hang of Tkinter."
--Paul Magwene, comp.lang.python newsgroup


John Grayson is a consultant for GUI applications. He has been supporting application design at a large US communications company for several years, designing innovative interfaces and introducing Python and OOP to traditional development methods. He has been working with Python since 1993 and has built real-world applications for the State of Florida, State of Georgia and several US airlines.


"...the definitive reference... This resource provides good, general coverage on GUI building and GUI design. Its tone is light, the explanations are exceptionally clear, and the author consistently explains why he did things one way rather than the other. This book covers all aspects of GUI design, including even the latest trend of "real-world metaphors", in which an application looks like its counterpart in the real world."
     --Boudewijn Rempt, Developer Shed, October 2000 article: "Essential Resources for the Python Professional"

"Tkinter classes and methods are fully documented. Until now, this level of documentation has not been available to Tkinter programmers, usually requiring them to read the code to understand component usage. "

"!!! Very Good"
     --Today's Books/Public News Service