ASP.NET AJAX in Action

Alessandro Gallo, David Barkol, and Rama Krishna Vavilala
Forewords by Scott Guthrie and Bertrand Le Roy

August 2007 | 576 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1-933988-14-2

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Ajax revolutionized how users interact with web pages. Gone are frustrating page refreshes, lost scroll positions, intermittent interactions, and flat, boring pages. Instead we have a new generation of fast, rich, and intuitive web applications. The ASP.NET AJAX framework puts the power of Ajax into the hands of Microsoft ASP.NET developers. ASP.NET AJAX, formerly called Atlas, is a new free framework from Microsoft designed to easily add Ajax features to ASP.NET applications. With this technology, ASP.NET developers can easily build more interactive and highly-personalized web applications that work across all most popular browsers.

ASP.NET AJAX in Action is a fast-paced, example-rich tutorial designed for ASP.NET web developers and written by ASP.NET AJAX experts Alessandro “Garbin” Gallo, David Barkol, and Rama Krishna Vavilala. This book introduces you to Ajax applications and to the ASP.NET AJAX technology. Beginners will appreciate the clear explanations of key ideas and terminology. Intermediate and advanced ASP.NET developers will find a no-nonsense learning source and well-organized reference.

ASP.NET AJAX in Action offers a rich set of examples and meticulous explanations. The extensive code samples are accompanied by accurate and rigorous explanations of the concepts behind development with ASP.NET AJAX. In this book, you will discover how to use:

If you are a web developer looking to bring your web pages to life and to enhance the user experience, this book is for you.

ASP.NET AJAX in Action will give you with the knowledge and tools you need to more easily craft the next generation of Ajax applications. With the help of the Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX framework, Ajax development has never been easier and more instinctive for both client-script developers and ASP.NET developers alike.



"What I really liked about this book is that Gallo, Barkol and Vavilala don't just write a book that details how to use the UpdatePanel and the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit: they take the time and trouble to explain the architecture behind the technology...There is no denying that this is one of the best books on ASP.NET AJAX that I've been lucky enough to read."
--Dave Wheeler, I Programmer Book Review

"...The book is actually one of the best books I've read. It's clear, concise, right to the point, the samples actually work (not like some other books I've read) and are so simple to modify and adapt to my projects."
--Jose Rolando Guay Paz, Web Developer, CSW Solutions

"Easy to read and understand. The best I've seen."
--Joe Stagner, Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation

"...leads the reader on a learning journey."
--Darren Niemke, Microsoft MVP and Author, ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts in Action

"I will put this on on my table and remove the others."
--Berndt Hamboeck, MCT, MCPD, and MCITS SQL Server 2005

"I'm already planning on resuing the examples. Enough said!"
--Curt Christianson, Chief Architect, df-Software

"Critical to understanding the underlying architecture. This one is a sure bet."
--Walter Myers, Microsoft Corporation

"Thoughtful, interesting, and different."
--Anil Radhakrishna, MCAD, ASP.NET MVP

"I'm rarely moved to email anything but a question or errata, but I wanted to give props to the authors for writing the best book I have read on the subject. There are more real world examples than any collection of forum postings or websites anywhere. I have 3 other Ajax books and they all remain on the shelf but this one stays open on my desk."
--Bret Williams, from the ASP.NET AJAX in Action Author Online

"(This is) clearly the best ASP.Net Ajax book...I am looking for any other books from these authors - I'll order them without even thinking about it. There's a very short list of authors about whom I can make that statement. And I'll keep my eye on the Manning publishing company from now on. They know how to edit books well, and they selected the best authors available."
--Eric W. Engler, Amazon reviewer

" ...I absolutely loved the book... a great book and well-worth reading."
-- David Hayden,


Alessandro “Garbin” Gallo is a Microsoft MVP in the Visual ASP/ASP.NET category and has been an active contributor for the Ajax Control Toolkit project. As a .NET developer/consultant with a primary focus on ASP.NET application design and development, Alessandro has been developing with ASP.NET AJAX since the very first CTP. Notably, he won the Grand Prize at the Mash-it-up with ASP.NET AJAX contest held by Microsoft in 2006.

David Barkol is a Principal Consultant for Neudesic, one of Microsoft's leading .NET professional services firms and a Gold Certified Partner. At Neudesic David specializes in providing custom .NET solutions that leverage technologies such as ASP.NET, Web Services, Windows Forms, SQL Server, and C#. He is an MCSD in .NET and a member of the Microsoft ASP.NET Advisory Council. David resides in tropical La Palma, CA.

Rama Krishna Vavilala is a senior software developer/architect at 3C Software, a leading supplier of Cost Management Solutions. He has designed and developed three different versions of Impact:ECS™ (3C Softwares product suite). Currently, he is designing an Ajax-based web application using ASP.NET AJAX. This application will be a part of the Impact:ECS™ suite. He is a regular contributor at The Code Project and has contributed around 20 articles on wide ranging subjects.