Web Development with JavaServer Pages, Second Edition

Duane K. Fields, Mark A. Kolb, and Shawn Bayern

2001 | 800 pages | B&W
ISBN: 193011012X

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$35.99 eBook edition (PDF only)



The second edition of the bestselling Web Development with JavaServer Pages updates and expands the original. In the entirely rewritten first part of the book the authors provide a gentle introduction to the important technologies on which JSP depends. The book then launches into its updated coverage of the JSP 1.2 and Servlet 2.3 standards. New chapters on servlet filters, tag-library validation, and non-HTML content are filled with fresh examples.

This second edition shares the strengths of the first, based on the authors' substantial experience with real-world development. The book covers the complete feature set of JSP 1.2, and both the advantages and the "gotchas" associated with those features. Its depth of coverage has been an important contributor to this book's success.

You'll learn how to use databases in web applications, how to separate the look of a web page from its underlying business logic, and even how to design elegant and scalable application architectures. You can learn from and modify the many examples to get up to speed quickly. And you will develop a deep understanding of JSP technology.

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Praise for the First Edition:

"...the best offering, head and shoulders above the rest for both the Web designer and the Java developer interested in picking up JSP skills. None of the other JSP books offer the same depth of coverage on the different JSP topics."

"...without a doubt the best book I've read on JSP development."
--Web Techniques Magazine

"...remarkable... does a great job of clarifying JSP issues, techniques, and...can make you a better Web developer."
--Web Builder Magazine

"Manning books are densely packed tomes, with a lot of information. ...this book is a good pick."
--Chicagoland Java Users Group

"...very well written. ...simple and easy to follow. I recommend this book ..."
--Middle Tennessee Java Users Group

"excellent book... comprehensive and practical...the best on the topic. "

"comprehensive... easy-to-understand and concise examples..."

"...inspiring discussions in the opening chapters"


A web applications developer and Internet technologist, Duane K. Fields is an expert in the design and development of leading edge Internet applications. He lives in Austin, Texas.

Mark A. Kolb, Ph.D., is a reformed rocket scientist who currently focuses on system architectures for distributed web-based applications. Mark lives in Round Rock, Texas.

Shawn Bayern, a research programmer at Yale University, is the reference-implementation lead for the upcoming JSPTL standard. Shawn lives in New Haven, CT.


The Table of Contents and Chapter 8 of Web Development with JavaServer Pages, Second Edition are available here in PDF; you need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software to view them. You may download Acrobat Reader here.

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"Fields and Kolb provide an in-depth look into JSP syntax, from beans and session management to directives, actions, and implicit objects. While most of the other JSP books give a cursory overview of those elements, Web Development with JavaServer Pages tries to be more useful, offering more in-depth coverage such as a table of the methods for each of the implicit objects."

Source Code

Source code from Web Development with JavaServer Pages, Second Edition is freely available and is contained in a single ZIP file. Much of the source code was retained for the Second edition, however, source code for the First Edition is also available below.

Download the source code for the First Edition. (wdjsp1.zip -- 500 Kb)

Download the source code for the Second Edition. (wdjsp2.zip -- 375 Kb)