Windows Forms Programming with C#
A practical guide to creating Windows applications with .NET
Erik Brown

A Revised Edition of this title is available: Windows Forms in Action

2002 | 752 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1930110286

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In the .NET environment, GUI elements like menus, buttons, lists, trees--and of course the window itself--are created and deployed using the new Windows Forms framework. Windows Forms is an object-oriented set of classes that offers an effective, modern programming environment for rich Windows applications development.

Intended for beginner and intermediate programmers willing to get their hands dirty, this book teaches by example. Step-by-step instructions guide the reader through the entire Windows Forms namespace. Examples build around a common theme, collectively developing a real-world application. The book covers fundamentals like labels, menus, buttons, as well as advanced concepts like owner-drawn lists, explorer-style interfaces, customized data binding, and the integration of the Microsoft web browser control into a Windows program. Appendices include a 30-page reference to the C# language and a handy visual index of the Windows Forms classes.

What's Inside:


Erik Brown is a 12-year veteran of three startup companies, all successful. He holds a B.S. and M.S. in Mathematics from Carnegie-Mellon University and currently runs a consulting company specializing in Windows-based applications and data-driven interfaces. Erik lives in northern Virginia with his wife and two daughters.


"A comprehensive, straightforward, 'user-friendly' guide to writing programs in the .NET environment using object-oriented sets of classes...[a] solid and useful reference for C# users."
-- The Bookwatch

"Another fantastic thing about Windows Forms Programming With C# is the layout and presentation: it?s amazing...each step is clearly laid out...clear and simple...the perfect book to get you started with Windows Forms. High praises for Erik Brown?s Windows Forms Programming With C#."
-- Universal Thread magazine

"...provides extensive detail about every major common control and Windows Form widget that ships with Visual Studio .NET. It also covers in detail the classes behind the controls."

"I'm sure that the publisher pulled their hair out doing the page layouts for this book, but the reader benefits by having an exceptionally clear list of how to do the examples. Well done!"

"This is not a factory book but a book written by someone who has both a deep knowledge of Windows Forms and who also knows how to pedagogically communicate that deep knowledge one concept at a time..."
-- Tanguay Info Newsletter

"This definitely ranks among the better books I've read in a while. Highly recommended."
-- Nashville SQL Server User Group

"...this book is an excellent discussion of Windows programming using the new Visual Studio.NET tool to create Window applications. It is like a new Petzold's book about Windows programming on the Microsoft .NET platform."
-- Compunotes

"definitively the best book I have read on Windows.Forms.NET programming. A lot of material covered in the very friendly format. I've purchased the e-book version. If you're serious GUI developer and you're moving to .NET you must read this one first, and all others then if you need them. Excellent book!"
--An Amazon reader

"!!!! Exceptional."
-- Today's Books