LDAP Programming, Management and Integration

Clayton Donley

2002 | 352 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1930110405

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LDAP is the leading Internet protocol for directory-like information: user identities, preferences, security privileges. etc. Because it is popular, most programming languages have handy extensions for searching and updating LDAP directories. But most information today is still locked away in application-specific repositories that lack LDAP access.

LDAP Programming, Management and Integration explains how to link non-LDAP data with LDAP directories. It starts with a concise introduction to the LDAP standard and discusses how to work with it in Java and Perl. It gives you practicalcode and advice for migrating and integrating data into an LDAP environment. And it explains how to increase your application's security using identity and profile information from LDAP repositories.

Written for programmers and system administrators, this book teaches clearly and honestly the LDAP practiced "in the trenches." It is concise yet rich in practical examples that make a sometimes complex subject easy to understand.

What's Inside:


Clayton Donley, the co-author of a number of open-source LDAP modules for Perl and Apache, is an independent consultant based in the Chicago area. His clients include Netscape, GTE, and ABN-AMRO. Prior to going independent, he spent seven years in various information technology roles working for Motorola in both the Chicago area and the Asia-Pacific region.

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"An absolute beauty for people who are system architects/programmers. There is an equal blend of theory and practical examples. ...an excellent learning resource for beginners as well as a reference material for experienced developers. Clayton knows LDAP and can write well about all angles of it."
-- Chicago Java Users Group

"This book came to my rescue!...For those of you who need to quickly get up to speed with LDAP, I can highly recommend this book... This book is a reference that is without a doubt staying on my bookshelf at work."
-- Syracuse Linux User Group

"Author Clayton Donley has been intimately involved with LDAP for a long time. This book bears many qualities you would hope for from such an expert: the background of LDAP given is concise and helpful. He also lends some understanding to seemingly arbitrary features or technologies that have been included with LDAP over the years."
-- JavaRanch.com

"I have flipped through just about every book out there on LDAP... Donley's is the first one I would recommend without reservation. The author clearly knows his material, and has organized it in a logical way."
-- Dr. Dobb's Journal, May 2003

"a straightforward and "user accessible" computer programmer and system administrator's guide to LDAP...a commendable educational resource and reference."
-- The Bookwatch, March 2003

"A handy reference with intuitive diagrams and helpful explanations... I was particularly happy that the author chose non-proprietary API's...The text is chock full of code samples and includes some nice cookbook-style applications...I couldn't be happier with this book."
--Columbia Java Users Group

Source Code

Source code for LDAP Programming, Management and Integration is contained in a single ZIP file. Free unzip programs can be found at www.download.com.

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