RSS and Atom in Action
Web 2.0 Building Blocks

Dave Johnson

August 2006 | 400 pages | B&W
ISBN: 9781932394498

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RSS and Atom in Action is organized into two parts. The first part introduces the blog technologies of newsfeed formats and publishing protocols—the building blocks. The second part shows how to put to those blocks together to assemble interesting and useful blog applications.

In keeping with the principle behind Manning’s “In Action” series, this book shows the reader, through numerous examples in Java and C#, how to parse Atom and RSS format newsfeeds, how to generate valid newsfeeds and serve them efficiently, and howto automate blogging via web services based on the new Atom protocol and the older MetaWeblog API. The book also shows how to develop a complete blog client library that readers can use in their own applications. The second half of the book is devoted to a dozen blog apps—small but immediately useful example applications such as a community aggregator, a file distribution newsfeed, a blog cross-poster, an email-to-blog gateway, Ant tasks for blogging software builds, and more.

What's Inside


Dave Johnson is an experienced software developer, technology enthusiast, and expert in blog technologies. He started blogging in 2002 using Java-based blogging software that he developed called Roller. Roller now drives the ground-breaking employee blogs at Sun Microsystems, is used by thousands of bloggers on and other sites, and is a successful open source project. Dave now works at Sun where developing Roller and promoting blog technologies is his full-time job. He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.


"I like this book and I think that it brings the right information at the right time. If you want to work with blog technology, this book will give you a great deal of help."
-- Simon P. Chappell,

"The book actually goes out and shows the power of RSS and some of the possible applications that the web is starting to see of the specification. It helps set a trend that innovative minds can pick up to create exciting applications. Overall, a must read for anyone who wants to get a taste of the RSS and Atom technologies."
-- Navneet Karnani,