Struts 2 in Action

Donald Brown, Chad Michael Davis, and Scott Stanlick

May 2008 | 424 pages | B&W
ISBN: 193398807X

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The original Struts project revolutionized Java web development and its rapid adoption resulted in the thousands of Struts-based applications deployed worldwide. Keeping pace with new ideas and trends, Apache Struts 2 has emerged as the product of a merger between the Apache Struts and OpenSymphony WebWork projects, united in their goal to develop an easy-to-use yet feature-rich framework. Struts 2 represents a revolution in design and ease of use when compared to classic Struts. It adds exciting and powerful features such as a plugin framework, JavaServer Faces integration, and XML-free configuration.

Struts 2 In Action introduces the Apache Struts 2 web application framework and shows you how to quickly develop professional, production-ready modern web applications. Written by Don Brown, one of the leading developers of Struts 2, Chad Davis, a passionate Struts 2 developer, along with Scott Stanlick, this book gently walks you through the key features of Struts 2 in example-driven, easy-to-digest sections.

Struts 2 in Action delivers accurate, seasoned information that can immediately be put to work. This book is designed for working Java web developers—especially those with some background in Struts 1 or WebWork. The core content, covering key framework components such as Actions, Results, and Interceptors, includes new features like the annotation-based configuration options. You'll find chapters on Struts 2 plugins, FreeMarker, and migration from Struts 1 and WebWork 2. Finally, new topics such as the Ajax tags, Spring Framework integration, and configuration by convention give familiar subjects new depth.


About the Authors

Don Brown is the Technical Lead for Hosted Services at Atlassian Software Systems, with a background in the commercial and US Department of Defense sectors. He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, and has been a Struts committer since 2003. He is also a committer on several Apache Commons projects and a frequent speaker at JavaOne, ApacheCon, and Java user groups.

Chad Davis is a J2EE developer, software consultant, and writer. He has a wide background in writing that ranges from government research and public relations to academic writing in computer science. In addition to publications in a variety of computer science journals, he has published poetry and written draft legislation at the state level.

Scott Stanlick is a corporate IT instructor with experience in embedded systems, client-server applications, and large scale distributed applications. As a musician needing a "real job" to buy musical gear, he earned a B.A. in Computer Science and has been writing software to pay for his drumming habit ever since. He builds web sites during his free time and plays shows most weekends.


“Overall the authors have done an excellent job in covering the important features of Struts 2 as well as introducing the reader to complementary frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate.”
Shobana Jayaraman, Digital Infrastructure Analyst, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Library, The Tech Static

“The example content and easy-to-read text make the book readable from cover-to-cover.”
Wes Wannemacher, blogger, WanTii Inc.