Open Source SOA

Jeff Davis

May 2009 | 448 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1933988541

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Service Oriented Architecture, or SOA, has become embraced by many organizations as a means of improving reusability of software assets; providing better alignment between business and IT; and, increasing agility for responding to demands in the marketplace. This is accomplished by breaking individual units of functionality into services that can then be exposed through open protocols and standards.

Until recently, many of the software technologies used for developing SOA-based solutions were limited to expensive, commercial offerings. However, that has now changed, and a compelling open source SOA platform can be implemented exclusively with open source products. This book identifies a suite of open source products that can be used for a building SOA environment, and describes how they can be integrated by practitioners. It includes a hands-on introduction to the products selected; a multitude of source code examples; and implementation through real-life case studies.


About the Author

Jeff Davis is Director of Software Architecture at HireRight. In that capacity, he designed the company's integration platform, and is the SOA evangelist. He has over 15 years of experience in software development, with an emphasis on enterprise architecture and integration.