Wicket in Action

Martijn Dashorst and Eelco Hillenius

August 2008 | 392 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1932394982

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Wicket bridges the mismatch between the web's stateless protocol and Java's OO model. The component-based Wicket framework shields you from the HTTP under a web app so you can concentrate on business problems instead of the plumbing code. In Wicket, you use logic-free HTML templates for layout and standard Java for an application's behavior. The result? Coding a web app with Wicket feels more like regular Java programming.

Wicket in Action is a comprehensive guide for Java developers building Wicket-based web applications. It introduces Wicket's structure and components, and moves quickly into examples of Wicket at work. Written by core committers, this book shows you the "how-to" and the "why" of Wicket. You'll learn to use and customize Wicket components, to interact with Spring and Hibernate, and to implement rich Ajax-driven features.


About the Author

Martijn Dashorst is a software engineer with over 10 years of experience in software development. He has been actively involved in the Wicket project since it was open-sourced, and has presented Wicket as a speaker at numerous conferences, including JavaOne and JavaPolis.

Eelco Hillenius is an experienced software developer who has been part of Wicket's core team almost from the start. He works for Teachscape where he is helping to build the next e-learning platform. A Dutch native, he currently lives in Seattle.


“The book is written in a humorous and entertaining style which makes reading its 350 pages a real pleasure, without sacrificing the needed technical strictness. It's also full of hints and advice that show the deep real-world experience accumulated by the authors, which is also present in many aspects of the framework itself.”
Sylvain Wallez, Wicket mentor

“...They don't take much for granted and really do make an excellent effort to explain Wicket to the reader as if they are looking at it from "new eyes." They have an almost prescient sense of what questions are running through your head as you are going through their examples.”
Craig Tataryn, Senior Consultant, Mystic Coders LLC

“What I love about the book is that it actually provides hands on instructions for real world applications which is often missing from such books.”
Christoph Kiehl, Sr. Java Developer, Atlassian

Wicket In Action glues the areas of web development with Apache Wicket together and gives a great overview of Apache Wicket...it will make a great compendium.”
Nino Martinez Wael, Java Specialist, Jaymay Denmark

“The tutorial and conversational tone of the writing makes the book very approachable.”
—Nick Heudecker, System Mobile, review on TheServerSide.com

“Finally, the Web Framework of web framework, Apache Wicket, now has a bible of its own.”
Per Ejeklint, Senior Software Architect, Heimore Group

“Without question, Wicket in Action... is the be-all and end-all when it comes to Wicket.”
—Geertjan Wielenga, Wicket-NetBeans Plugin Author

“Wicket is an innovative evolution of the MVC programming with simple roots, but without a primer such as this, it can be more challenging than it needs to be.”
Brian Topping, Founder, Bill2 Inc.