Seam in Action

Dan Allen
Foreword by Norman Richards

September 2008 | 624 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1933988401

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Seam is an exciting new application framework based on the Java EE platform that you can use to build rich, web-based business applications. Seam is rapidly capturing the interest of Java enterprise developers because of its focus on simplicity, ease of use, transparent integration, scalability, and developer choice.

Seam in Action offers a practical and in-depth look at Seam from outside the walls of RedHat/JBoss. The book puts Seam head-to-head with the complexities in the Java EE architecture. It discusses the shortcomings of JSF, the challenges of using Java persistence in the web environment, and other common development roadblocks, then shows how Seam makes these problems just melt away. In covering Seam, the author doesn't just ask you to sprinkle annotations on your code and expect that you understand how it works. Instead, the author lays down the facts, shows you the steps, reveals the logic, and diagrams the flow, so that by the end of the book, you will not only have gained a deep understanding of Seam, but will also come away ready to teach the material to others.

All too often, developers spend a majority of their time integrating disparate technologies, manually tracking state, struggling to understand JSF, wrestling with Hibernate exceptions, and constantly redeploying applications, rather than on the logic pertaining to the business at hand. Seam in Action dives deep into thorough explanations of how Seam eliminates these non-core tasks by leveraging configuration by exception, Java 5 annotations, and aspect-oriented programming.

To start off, you will see a working Java EE-compliant application come together by the end of the second chapter. As you progress through the book, you will discover how Seam eliminates unnecessary layers and configurations and uses an inversion of control technical known as bijection supplemented by a liberal use of the Unified Expression Language (EL) to establish the missing link between JSF, EJB 3 and JavaBean components. You also witness how Seam opens doors for you to incorporate technologies you previously have not had time to learn, such as business processes and stateful page flows (jBPM), rule-based security, Ajax remoting, PDF generation, Spring integration, and more.


About the Author

Dan Allen is a passionate enterprise software developer, scholar, and mentor. For Dan, the end game is to be a mentor, and writing is one medium he uses to pursue that goal. Dan has over eight years of development experience using technologies that include Java frameworks (Seam, JSF, EJB3, Hibernate, Spring, Struts), testing frameworks (JUnit, TestNG), JavaScript and DOM scripting, CSS and page layouts, Maven 2, Ant, Groovy, as well as a wealth of other technologies not mentioned. Dan is also a dedicated open source advocate, and is very proud, and not a tad bit shy, about the fact that he has been running Linux, and only Linux, since the turn of the millennium. Dan's professional passions are equally divided between Java and Linux, with a hint of other technologies mixed in.


“This book is a terrific introduction to JBoss Seam, an impressive framework that is sweeping much of the competition before it...5/5 stars."”
David Sills, DZone Review

“This book is a gem, highly recommended for any Seam enthusiast. And don't miss the two bonus chapters at the publisher's homepage.”
Christophe Verre, bartender at

“Seam in Action goes into great detail on the ways in which Seam helps reduce the burden of integration with different technologies such as Hibernate and JSF, allowing the developer to focus on the core business objective at hand.”
Shobana Jayaraman, Digital Infrastructure Analyst, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Library, The Tech Static

“This book is far and away the best resource I've found. Everything else has been a mere reference. If you are like me, and want a real resource on the topic, you'll be happy with this purchase.”
Chris Stewart,