Website Owner's Manual

Paul A. Boag
Foreword by Ryan Carson

November 2009 | 296 pages | B&W
ISBN: 1933988452

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Just because you're responsible for your organization's web presence doesn't mean you know how to build a website. The job of planning, launching, and managing a site often falls to people who have little or no experience in web design or development. Website Owner's Manual is a book for the thousands of marketers, IT managers, project leaders, and business owners who need to put a website in place and keep it running with a minimum of trouble.

Website Owner's Manual helps you form a vision for your site, guides you through the process of selecting a web design agency, and gives you enough background information to make intelligent decisions throughout the development process. This book provides a jargon-free overview of web design, including accessibility, usability, online marketing, and web development techniques. You'll gain a practical understanding of the technologies, processes, and ideas that drive a successful website.


Using Website Owner's Manual, you'll master the vocabulary and concepts you need to discuss how your website dovetails with the needs of your business. This book will help you work confidently with the designers and developers building and maintaining your site so you can concentrate on what your website needs to do.

About the Authors

Paul Boag has been guiding clients through the process of developing websites for over a decade and has worked with a wide cross section of clients from both the commercial and public sectors. He currently runs a web design company called Headscape. When not doing client work he speaks on the subject of web design both in the UK and abroad. He also hosts the longest running and most popular web design podcast over at Between speaking enagements Paul writes articles for a number of web design publications.


“The website owner's manual: the secret to a successful website by Paul Boag is a great book and one I highly recommend to any website owner as a design and planning tool for your website to go from concept to continued website ownership.”
Jeff Gedgaud,

“I think that Paul nailed the niche and has positioned the book well for the intended audience...It strikes me as a book to read from cover to cover, but also as one to keep handy - during the development process especially.”
Patrick O'Keefe, owner of iFroggy Network

“Author Paul Boag is clearly a veteran of many website development projects and his experience shows in his advice. Throughout the book his advice is grounded in the real world and is practical.”
David Salahi, owner of Artistic Web Design, a full-service web design/development studio

“Website Owner's Manual is a valuable resource that benefits from the experience and insight of a veteran Web designer, and clearly presents guidelines that site managers can follow for maximizing the odds of successful site design, implementation, and maintenance.”
—Michael J. Ross, Web Developer, Slashdot Contributor

“Paul Boag's book provides a jargon-free overview of the basic concepts...Essential reading for marketers, IT managers, business owners and others who need to get a site in place and keep it running.”
.NET Magazine, October 2009

“If you are involved in any aspect of the web design process then you will learn some valuable lessons by reading Website Owner's Manual. It never hurts to understand more about the process from a non technical aspect and there are a lot of ideas and strategies that will improve how you create your web sites.”
Keir Whitaker, Carsonified, Think Vitamin

“The author's writing style is breezy & informal. The cartoons that go with the content are thoughtful & keep the content light. I liked the mini website case studies spread throughout the book that highlight best practices, pitfalls and items of special interest.”
Radhakrishna M.V., ASP.NET MVP

“It's written in a very easy to understand way, even if you have no prior knowledge of the topic.”
Carson Pierce, Idea Market Design