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1   Introducing jQuery
1.1 Why jQuery?
1.2 Unobtrusive JavaScript
1.3 jQuery fundamentals
The jQuery wrapper
Utility functions
The document ready handler
Making DOM elements
Extending jQuery
Using jQuery with other libraries
1.4 Summary
2   Creating the wrapped element set
2.1 Selecting elements for manipulation
Using basic CSS selectors
Using child, container, and attribute selectors
Selecting by position
Using custom jQuery selectors
2.2 Generating new HTML
2.3 Managing the wrapped element set
Determining the size of the wrapped set
Obtaining elements from the wrapped set
Slicing and dicing the wrapped element set
Getting wrapped sets using relationships
Even more ways to use a wrapped set
Managing jQuery chains
2.4 Summary
3   Bringing pages to life with jQuery
3.1 Manipulating element properties and attributes
Manipulating element properties
Fetching attribute values
Setting attribute values
Removing attributes
Fun with attributes
3.2 Changing element styling
Adding and removing class names
Getting and setting styles
More useful style-related commands
3.3 Setting element content
Replacing HTML or text content
Moving and copying elements
Wrapping elements
Removing elements
Cloning elements
3.4 Dealing with form element values
3.5 Summary
4   Events are where it happens!
4.1 Understanding the browser event models
The DOM Level 0 Event Model
The DOM Level 2 Event Model
The Internet Explorer Event Model
4.2 The jQuery Event Model
Binding event handlers using jQuery
Removing event handlers
Inspecting the Event instance
Affecting the event propagation
Triggering event handlers
Other event-related commands
4.3 Putting events (and more) to work
4.4 Summary
5   Sprucing up with animations and effects
5.1 Showing and hiding elements
Implementing a collapsible list
Toggling the display state of elements
5.2 Animating the display state of elements
Showing and hiding elements gradually
Fading elements into and out of existence
Sliding elements up and down
Stopping animations
5.3 Creating custom animations
A custom scale animation
A custom drop animation
A custom puff animation
5.4 Summary
6   jQuery utility functions
6.1 Using the jQuery flags
Detecting the user agent
Determining the box model
Detecting the correct float style to use
6.2 Using other libraries with jQuery
6.3 Manipulating JavaScript objects and collections
Trimming strings
Iterating through properties and collections
Filtering arrays
Translating arrays
More fun with JavaScript arrays
Extending objects
6.4 Dynamically loading scripts
6.5 Summary
7   Extending jQuery with custom plugins
7.1 Why extend?
7.2 The jQuery plugin authoring guidelines
Naming files and functions
Beware the $
Taming complex parameter lists
7.3 Writing custom utility functions
Creating a data manipulation utility function
Writing a date formatter
7.4 Adding new wrapper methods
Applying multiple operations in a wrapper method
Retaining state within a wrapper method
7.5 Summary
8   Talk to the server with Ajax
8.1 Brushing up on Ajax
Creating an XHR instance
Initiating the request
Keeping track of progress
Getting the response
8.2 Loading content into elements
Loading content with jQuery
Loading dynamic inventory data
8.3 Making GET and POST requests
Getting data with jQuery
Getting JSON data
Making POST requests
8.4 Taking full control of an Ajax request
Making Ajax requests with all the trimmings
Setting request defaults
Global functions
8.5 Putting it all together
Implementing the flyout behavior
Using The Termifier
Room for improvement
8.6 Summary
9   Prominent, powerful, and practical plugins
9.1 The Form Plugin
Getting form control values
Clearing and resetting form controls
Submitting forms through Ajax
Uploading files
9.2 The Dimensions Plugin
Extended width and height methods
Getting scroll dimensions
Of offsets and positions
9.3 The Live Query Plugin
Establishing proactive event handlers
Defining match and mismatch listeners
Forcing Live Query evaluation
Expiring Live Query listeners
9.4 Introduction to the UI Plugin
Mouse interactions
UI widgets and visual effects
9.5 Summary
9.6 The end?

appendix   JavaScript that you need to know but might not!