iBATIS in Action

Clinton Begin, Brandon Goodin and Larry Meadors

January 2007 | 384 pages | B&W
ISBN: 9781932394825

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“... readable and nicely structured.”
—Greg Trasuk, JavaLobby

“Unique and invaluable, this book will be at my side for years to come.”
—Nathan Maves, Senior Java Architect, Sun Microsystems

“This book really shines.”
—Benjamin Gorlick, Global Engineered Products, LLC.

“The writing is good, relaxed, and sometimes fun.”
—Dick Zetterberg, Transitor AB

“Gets new users going and gives experienced users in-depth coverage of advanced features.”
—Jeff Cunningham, The Weather Channel Interactive

“Easy flow, good breakdown of topics, relevant and thorough—valuable for all.”
—Rick Reumann, Nielsen Media Research

Unlike some complex and invasive persistence solutions, iBATIS keeps O/RM clean and simple. It is an elegant persistence framework that maps classes to SQL statements and keeps the learning curve flat. The iBATIS approach makes apps easy to code, test, and deploy. You write regular SQL and iBATIS gives you standard objects for persistence and retrieval. There's no need to change existing database schemas—iBATIS is tolerant of legacy databases (even badly designed ones).

iBATIS in Action is a comprehensive tutorial on the framework and an introduction to the iBATIS philosophy. Clinton Begin and coauthors lead you through the core features, including configuration, statements, and transactions. Because you'll need more than the basics, it explores sophisticated topics like Dynamic SQL and data layer abstraction. You'll also learn a useful skill: how to extend iBATIS itself. A complete, detailed example shows you how to put iBATIS to work. Topics are clearly organized and easily accessible for reference.



"This is a truly fabulous text, as the rest of this review should make clear. It well justifies its inclusion in the stellar 'In Action' series. It shares with every text I have read in that series a clear, easily read style and down-to-earth presentation.

Finally, unlike some 1000-plus-page tomes, this text (a slim 336 pages with a well-organized index) doesn't cover every conceivable situation in which the use of iBATIS may be considered. This increases its readability, of course (my first perusal took about two days), and Manning's web forum, which allows access to other users and the authors, should satisfy even the most arcane need."
-- JavaLobby.com

About the Authors

Clinton Begin is a Senior Developer and Agile Mentor for ThoughtWorks Canada. He has been building enterprise applications for nine years based on platforms such as Java and .NET. Clinton has extensive experience with agile methodologies, persistence frameworks, and relational databases. He is the original creator of the iBATIS persistence framework, which he designed in response to the challenges faced by object oriented developers dealing with enterprise relational databases.

Brandon Goodin is an independent consultant residing in Franklin, TN. He has been involved in developing enterprise applications for over seven years, utilizing a varied set of languages and technologies. His industry experience spans manufacturing, health care, e-commerce, real estate and recreation. He has been contributing to the iBATIS project since 2003.

Larry Meadors is an independent consultant offering development, support, and training services. He has been building enterprise web applications with mutiple databases and multiple languages since the late 90s, and got involved with the iBATIS project way back in the 1.x days.