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Java Persistence with Hibernate, Second Edition


Christian Bauer, Gavin King, and Gary Gregory

MEAP Began: March 2013
Softbound print: November 2015 (est.) | 600 pages | B&W
ISBN: 9781617290459

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Table of Contents, MEAP Chapters & Resources

Table of Contents         Resources 

Part 1: Getting started with ORM
  1. Introducing JPA and Hibernate - FREE
  2. Domain models and metadata - AVAILABLE

Part 2: Mapping strategies
  3. Mapping persistent classes - AVAILABLE
  4. Mapping value types - AVAILABLE
  5. Mapping inheritance - AVAILABLE
  6. Mapping collections and entity associations - AVAILABLE
  7. Advanced entity association mappings - AVAILABLE
  8. Complex and legacy schemas - AVAILABLE

Part 3: Transactional data processing
  9. Managing data - AVAILABLE
10. Transactions and concurrency - AVAILABLE
11. Fetch plans, strategies, and profiles - AVAILABLE
12. Filtering data - AVAILABLE

Part 4: Writing queries
13. Creating and executing queries - AVAILABLE
14. The query languages - AVAILABLE
15. Advanced query options - AVAILABLE
16. Customizing SQL - AVAILABLE

Part 5: Building Applications
17. Designing client/server applications - AVAILABLE
18. Building web applications - AVAILABLE
19. Scaling Hibernate - AVAILABLE

Appendix A: Introducing Hibernate OGM


Persistence—the ability of data to outlive an instance of a program—is central to modern applications. Hibernate, the most popular provider of the Java Persistence standard, offers automatic and transparent object/relational mapping, making it a snap to work with SQL databases in Java applications.

Java Persistence with Hibernate explores Hibernate by developing an application that ties together hundreds of individual examples. You'll immediately dig into the rich programming model of Hibernate, working through mappings, queries, fetching strategies, transactions, conversations, caching, and more. You'll also appreciate the well-illustrated discussion of best practices in database design and optimization techniques. In this revised edition, authors Christian Bauer, Gavin King, and Gary Gregory cover Hibernate 5 in detail along with the Java Persistence 2.1 standard (JSR 338).

All examples have been updated for the latest Hibernate and Java EE specification versions.



Christian Bauer is a member of the Hibernate developer team and he works as a trainer and consultant.

Gavin King is the founder of the Hibernate project and a member of the original Java Persistence expert group (JSR 220). He also led the standardization effort of CDI (JSR 299). Gavin is currently creating a new programming language for business applications called Ceylon.

Gary Gregory is a software engineer at Rocket Software working on application servers and legacy integration. He is the co-author of JUnit in Action and Spring Batch in Action, and a member of the project management committees for the Apache Software Foundation project Commons, Xalan and Logging Services.


This Early Access version of Java Persistence with Hibernate, Second Edition enables you to receive new chapters as they are being written. You can also interact with the authors to ask questions, provide feedback and errata, and help shape the final manuscript on the Author Online forum.


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